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While Love Does Not Come Fernanda Dannemann

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While Love Does Not Come Fernanda Dannemann

  1. 1. While love does not come Fernanda Dannemann What to do in the meantime, when loneliness can often be painful and tedious, a lot? Instead of leaving contaminated by discouragement or despair that just so that you accept the company of any person, plunge into the inner healing. Establish a dialogue with himself (a). It is important to hear, wonder, analyze behaviors, attitudes and desires, to find a new ideal of conduct and relationship. And so, learn to seek the happiness of a lasting love and discard those that certainly will bring only suffering. Learn to live the time to be alone is the opportunity for a true rebirth. A loving off-season may be the ideal time to build a wonderful life together. Take the opportunity to change their behavior patterns and make a review of what has not worked in their relationships. To be happy in love is essential to have a good self-esteem and foster the desire to become better and better and grow forever. Believe it or not, happiness, love begins precisely when we are alone, waiting for love. The starting point for successful love is to understand that you're the only person who can do for you what probably is hoping that (a) partner (a) does. Nurture self-esteem and learn to take time to listen, laugh, embrace it lovingly. One time his own, in silence, so you can get in touch with their deepest feelings and love for food to be who you are and that has everything you need to be happy. A good self-esteem also means knowing how to care themselves. Be aware (a) for their needs, capabilities, true desires. If you do not devote yourself (a), will continue looking out only what you will find inside. To hope for a (a) partner (a) that matches all your expectations is the shortest path to sink their relationships. Stop criticizing yourself. Rather than dwelling on failures and or drown in their own anger and frustration, accept the facts that happened in your life, especially those who have and can not be remade. Try to identify the pattern of behavior and the reasons that often lead to end their relationships. While not realize what you usually do and that is not working, change will not do without, make money, or engage in other external changes. Clear the past means to contact your truth, with what you are, accepting and entering a natural movement of expansion of life. This means making a commitment to continued growth, continuous improvement, overcoming the difficulties themselves, increasing the ability to see the other. Develop the ability to put yourself in the other, to exchange and share without compromising its core values. <br />Get rid of beliefs like " I can not live without (a) guy (a), which is my love" or " There must be something wrong with me," Everyone is better than me, so on. The painful experiences teach us that we must stop, analyze, question yourself and find the truth within us. Not afraid or ashamed to face it head on. It is essential to avoid the habit of excuses and justifications that lead nowhere and are nothing more than an attempt to try to rationalize what is not working. When you are not happy emotionally, it is common to believe that you need to find someone special to go back to being happy. This explains why so many people would throw in one relationship after another, afraid to be alone and not bear contact with your questions. The best thing to do is learn from past relationships and use them as mirrors that reflect their problems to be worked out. By doing this, you will find the tools to solve problems and become aware of the importance of attitude in his relationship with himself (a) and with the other. Be willing to change. This provision removes the seeds of guilt, shame, failure, anger, fear and resentment. Want to become better for himself (a) and the other is a good start. Keep the self-monitoring and see how will act. If at some point this process you feel discouraged (a) and imprisonment (a) the negative behaviors, sit back, take a deep breath and repeat to yourself (a): " This is just a reflection of something that I'm expressing now. Not my be true. Make a different choice. Change your mind. Soon, it will be more calm (a) and able to act positively. When you feel attracted to (a) by someone, watch desperate tactics of conquest. Often when a person begins to make every effort to win another world, just walking away from his truth: he says things that would not normally say (and what not to believe), you would not have attitudes and loses its axis , get off the ground. Soon will be disrespecting and starting a novel that will not support base and will collapse. <br />Beware of this uncontrollable desire to please Often, so much wanting to please and do everything right, runs the risk of extrapolating. This applies to various aspects of living such as: Give more attention to other than the other would. Exit super produced (a) for a simple program like a cineminha or coffee. Give an athlete's sexual first time you make love with that person. Fill the other questions, just want to know everything about the other person. Who likes a (a) detective in the foot? Control the desire to create intimacy or to please. " Otherwise, you will only scare the other, who will flee, said" Vilma Ferreira. The truth is that the dedication and exaggerated scare hardly pleases. The best attitude is to be the most authentic(a) possible rather than doing " type." Do not be ashamed to be natural, to say what he thinks, to show how he lives, to tell their preferences, be yourself (a). It is important to go slowly, knowing that everything takes a while to happen and not try to hasten the pace. Who wants to learn to be a good partner (a) love (a) must, first of all, learn to be a good partner for yourself. " Knowing is please, respect yourself and like yourself is essential for the achievement of happiness," says the psychologist. Who can be happy alone is able to be generous (a) and balanced (a) and demonstrates conditions vital to win one and be victorious in love. <br />