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Core Value Propositions July 2011 V4(Lm) (4)

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Core Value Propositions July 2011 V4(Lm) (4)

  1. 1. SalesAssessment.com We work with forward thinking individuals and organisations..... Presented by : Larry MorrisV1.1
  2. 2. With a unique offering Complete on-line sales assessment Role Specific Assessment for sales ‘Externally benchmarked’ sales test Proven ‘predictive accuracy’ Works for hiring, development, promotion Delivers fully objective results for 1 or many Shown to deliver significant business growthV1.1
  3. 3. Across worldwide customersV1.1
  4. 4. Market Challenges Changing market Declining or Flattening revenues Competition Winning & maintaining key accounts Right people to drive change??V1.1
  5. 5. To address current challenges Data extracted from Sales Performance Optimization: 2010 KEY Trends Analysis (DowJones )% Sales People Achieving Targets
  6. 6. At an ‘interesting’ time for businessV1.1
  7. 7. Delivering the critical missing factor Growth Process Structure TalentV1.1
  8. 8. Impact on Sales Teams Changing markets Changing customer expectations Declining revenues Fighting for market share Competition Buyer in control Key Account challenges Focus on delivering Value Mix of capabilities Targeted developmentV1.1
  9. 9. Why & Why Now? Maximize sales revenue – 67%* more revenue per head Optimise sales organisation – return & profitability Drive sustainable sales change • What makes this possible..... New Thinking and New Tools*McKinsey ‘War for Talent 2000’V1.1
  10. 10. On-line Sales Talent Assessment High Five AssessmentCriteria High Five Assessment Criteria Skill Behaviour Outside World High Achievers Motivation Critical Reasoning Role Based Benchmarked Cultural Fit Key Account Manager Solution Selling Account Manager …Plus 12 othersV1.1
  11. 11. Competencies Measured Sales Manager • Behaviour (Comfort) • Skills (Capability) Leadership Communicating & Working with Planning & Organizing People Persuasive Delivering & Innovating Problem Solving & Analysis Understanding & Managing in Oral Communications Business Commercial Awareness Benefit Realization Action Orientation Organization & People Change Interpersonal Sensitivity Business Planning & Strategy Resilience Managing the Customer • Critical Reasoning (Ability) Engagement Process Numerical Critical Reasoning Verbal Critical ReasoningSolution Selling Account Manager• Behaviour (Comfort) • Skills (Capability) • Behaviour (Comfort)Sales Confidence Communicating & Working with Sales Confidence • Critical Reasoning (Ability)Sales Drive People Adaptability Numerical Critical ReasoningListening Delivering & Innovating Listening Verbal Critical ReasoningMaking Contact Understanding & Managing in Developing a Game PlanBuilding Desire Business Making Contact • Skills (Capability)Creating Options Proposition Development Building Desire Core Business skillsPresenting Relationship Management Creating Options Engaging the customerClosing the Sale Customer Engagement Satisfying the customer Determining customer needs• Critical Reasoning (Ability) Benefit Realization Managing and Growing Developing the PropositionNumerical Critical Reasoning Work Mode Evidencing the BenefitsVerbal Critical Reasoning Negotiating and ClosingV1.1
  12. 12. The Sales Talent Performance Matrix HIGH Low Skills High Skills , High Behaviour = High Behaviour =RO High Potential High PerformerLEFI Low Skills High SkillsT Low Behaviour = Low Behaviour = High Risk High InvestmentLOW HIGHV1.1 SKILLS
  13. 13. The Sales Talent Development Matrix HIGH 1 month Focus on Retention Focus on Development High Performer 1 monthBEHA 1 yearVIOUR Focus on Redeployment Focus on CoachingLOW HIGHV1.1 SKILLS
  14. 14. The Management Overview Report Critical Reasoning out of Range Not Comfortable Key Skills out of RangeV1.1
  15. 15. The Management Information Report Out of Range Critical Reasoning Out of Range Skills In Range BehaviourV1.1
  16. 16. The Management Information Report In Range Critical Reasoning Out of Range Skills In Range BehaviourV1.1
  17. 17. The Management Information Report High Achiever Benchmark Critical Reasoning Benchmark Skills In Range BehaviourV1.1
  18. 18. The Skills Development ReportV1.1
  19. 19. The Management Information ReportV1.1
  20. 20. The Behaviour ReportV1.1
  21. 21. The Management Information ReportV1.1
  22. 22. The Motivator ReportV1.1
  23. 23. Real World Value What some of our customers are saying about Sales Talent Assessment: # “Sales Talent Assessment is a very comprehensive tool that plays an important part in the way we hire and develop our customer-facing people.” Tracy Glende, President - Aerospace, Defense & Energy, Bodycote Plc. # “We now use Sales Talent Assessment throughout QlikTech Europe for development, to ensure our budget is spent on the areas that generate most return...” Anna Kjellberg, – VP Global HR & People Development, QlikTech.V1.1
  24. 24. Real World Accuracy # “The Sales Talent Assessment reports have enabled the management team to address the developmental needs of each member of the team individually and assist them in maximizing their sales potential.” Karen Botma, National Sales Manager, OmniMed, South Africa # Case Studies available Only very high cost and complex assessment centres exceed the predictive accuracy of Sales Talent Assessment. Validated by SHL 2007V1.1
  25. 25. Solution to the Challenges Changing market Declining Revenues Competition Winning and maintaining key accounts Right People in the Right Roles Right Skills Right Behaviours to Drive Sustainable ChangeV1.1