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Building a web framework: Django's design decisions

Since its release three years ago Django’s grown by leaps and bounds; it’s now part of a highly successful new generation of web development tools.

However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for the Django team. As any Open Source community does, we’ve needed to make a series of tough decisions along the way. These decisions have shaped Django’s internals, public APIs, and community.

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Building a web framework: Django's design decisions

  1. Building Django Jacob Kaplan-Moss PyCon March 29, 2009 http://jacobian.org/speaking/2009/pycon-designing-django/
  2. History
  3. LJW
  4. Adrian/Simon
  5. lawrence.com Wakarusa 2008 › Find photos Great 'cue. Cheap from the festival beer. View. Log in to here (new photos post › All ads this still coming in) and video week comments. posted here. More to be posted Cornmeal / Hoots & Hellmouth: Steeped in as soon as we dry out... the tradition of legendary acts, this Chicago band uses bluegrass as a springboard for long improvisational work and songs ranging from country and rock to jazz and funk ... School of Wak (Soggy More info Edition) (Ten Million Pounds
  6. “The CMS”
  7. Philosophy
  8. Make development fast
  9. Automate repetitive tasks
  10. Best practices
  11. “ The ink is never dry on these babies. ” — Adrian Holovaty
  12. Choices
  13. Open Source
  14. BSD license
  15. Pragmatism over Methodology
  16. GoF? MVC? TDD?
  17. Snake Oil
  18. “ No silver bullet. ” — Fred Brooks Author of The Mythical Man-Month
  19. The Real World
  20. “ Build cool shit. ” — Rob Curley
  21. Ramifications
  22. “What’s the need?”
  23. No architecture astronauts
  24. Reinventing the wheel
  25. “Magic” over boilerplate
  26. Web development is boring
  27. It should be fun!
  28. APIs should match behavior, not show how they work
  29. Ramifications
  30. It can go too far.
  31. Messy internals
  32. More power in less code
  33. Easier to document
  34. “Full stack”
  35. “Best of breed”
  36. Why full stack?
  37. Lack of choices at the time
  38. “Glued together”
  39. Ramifications
  40. More control
  41. Don’t repeat Zope’s mistakes
  42. “ Innovation happens elsewhere. ” — Bill Joy
  43. Small pieces advance quicker
  44. “Sensible defaults”
  45. “Opinionated Software”
  46. Ego is dangerous
  47. You can’t possibly predict what everyone wants
  48. ... so listen to your users! (this is harder than it sounds)
  49. “One obvious way” over “pluggable components”
  50. Autumn Modeling PDB PyORM SQLAlchemy SQLObject Storm ZODB
  51. Choice is good for experts ...
  52. ... but not good for new users
  53. More beginners
  54. “ Don’t make me think. ” — Steve Krug
  55. “ It seems ... that if choice is good, then more choice is better. The paradox is that this “obvious” truth isn’t true... a point can be reached where, with more choice, people are worse off. ” — Barry Schwartz “The Paradox of Choice”
  56. Ramifications
  57. Consistency
  58. Make complicated things easy
  59. Don’t reinvent the wheel
  60. Set our own pace Skip to end
  61. Choices in the future
  62. Long tail or huge scale?
  63. #2 Yahoo #5 Facebook #8 Wikipedia #16 Photobucket #19 Flickr #20 Comcast #23 Wordpress
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  70. “Enterprise”
  71. Is this a competition we want?
  72. Backlash
  73. “Rails doesn’t scale” s Maps News Shopping Gmail more ! Advan rails doesn't scale Search Prefe Results 1 - 10 of about 4,680,000 for rails doesn't scale. (0.0 Rails Doesn't Scale? . quot;I've heard a few people mention that they heard that Rails doesn't scale stions on how we might alleviate their doubt?quot; ... t.com/2008/03/rails-doesnt-scale.html - 31k - Cached - Similar pages Interview with Twitter Developer Alex Payne its: Ruby On Rails Can’t Scale at Brandon Werner // Apr 13, ... the rubber is d, and the thing doesn’t scale on the DB end. ... havior.com/5-question-interview-with-twitter-developer-alex-payne/ - 161k - ilar pages aid Rails doesn’t Scale?” Features
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  75. Keep out the ego
  76. Invite criticism ... and take it well
  77. Make conscious decisions
  78. Thanks! http://jacobian.org/speaking/2009/pycon-designing-django/ <jacob@jacobian.org>
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