The Digital Museum as platform v1

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Presentation given at the Sharing is caring seminar i Denmark, december 2012.


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  • The museum is more than 200 years old and holds collections of millions of objects and images – and huge amounts of data.Significant amounts of resources are spent here as well.
  • And all our efforts are guide by this statement:Our mission: to embody and develop the prerequisites for everyone to be able to gain insight into cultural heritage.It might seem a little clunky, but that’s my poor translation.
  • The Digital Museum as platform v1

    1. The Digital Museum as Platform Jacob R. Wang, DR Byen, Dec 2012 #sharecare12 // @jacob_wang
    2. “Let’s get real!”Concrete cases on opening up and collaborating with the public!Challenges engaging with people we dont normally reach?How do vision and reality interact?What are the keys to success?Biggest barriers when letting go of control over “our” assets?
    3. The National Museum of Denmark Established 1807 550 employees | 1 million hours | 35 million Euro
    4. MISSIONThe National Museum embody and develop the prerequisites for everyone to be able to gain insight into cultural history
    5. Zuse Z3 (1943)
    6. 1950s - Invented and developed1990s - Commercially available2000s - Exponential growth all over
    7. We’re here
    8. New social, communication, learning, creation, sharing mechanics Graphics from Smithsonian Learning Model >> CLICK ME
    9. Resources Museums Outcomes 20th century BROADCAST idiom we do… …they consume << Click me! Awesome talk by @mpedson
    10. Social Local Mobile Web 2.0 Semantic Web, Singularity, “The future” Built for the early web + broadcastPhoto:
    11. What to do?
    13. THE STRATEGIST”I will predict the future, and use this to carefully planour work in the years to come!”
    14. Strategi & Vision
    15. WHAT’S IN THE CRYSTAL BALL?Relevant trends and disruptive toolsFurther SoLoMo, Semantic Web, Natural interfaces, Imagerecognition, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence
    16. WHAT CAN WE DO NOW?Pick principles and tactics + do stuffGovernment 2.0, Linked Open Data, CopyrightPolicy, Infrastructure development, Digitisation, Metadataproduction, Devops, Lean Startup methodologies
    17. PREPARATION4 institutions½ year easy + 2 weeks amok20.000 kr (+ 10.000 M$)Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Mail, G+ Hangouts, Google Docs
    18. #hack4dk kickoff October 2012 – 8 Ignite talks on open data/culture/sourceVideocamera = Youtube ;)
    19. #hack4dk 201250 people, 10 prototypes, 1 party
    20. Dead neighbours10PROTOTYPES Image analysis of artworksKulturarv Image mosaik/smashupDatafest DanebrosmændAdopt a mound SMK geoscrapingNear something Mapping artworks
    21. OUTCOMES?
    22. First contact With developer communities in DKGreat funEverybody had a blast! Cool prototypes Ideas and perspectives from “outsiders”Great media-coverage“Hack-a-what?! Sounds interesting!”
    23. ”This hackathon is a good example that (…)cultural institutions have embraced the digitalchallenge.In my view, culture has great potential tobecome a much larger force in the Danishsociety, and free access to culture data is abig step in the right direction.“ - Uffe Elbæk, Minister of Culture
    24. OUTCOMES “for us”Deployment of Natmus API (beta)Documentation of Royal Library APIDeplyment of CPH City Archive API (alpha)Real-world application of DK Heritage Agency APIRaised awareness of the value of open data
    25. #HACK4DK 2013 MORE DATA, MORE TIME, MORE FOCUSNEW PARTICIPANTS MORE THEMESNEW PARTICIPANTSInstitutions MORE THEMES GamingDevelopersInstitutions Culture GamingDesigners (GFX, UX, UI)Developers Turism CultureConcept designers UI)Designers (GFX, UX, ”Borgerservice” TurismStorytellersConcept designers ”Borgerservice” EducationTeachersStorytellers EducationEditorsTeachersEditors
    26. MISSIONThe National Museum embody and develop the prerequisites for everyone to be able to gain insight into cultural history
    27. Creating mashable content MISSION The National Museum embody and develop the prerequisites for everyone to be able to gain insight into cultural historyVia 3rd party mashups
    28. flickr | tumblr | twitter | youtube
    29. THE DIGITAL NATIONAL MUSEUM Openness, Accessibility, Transparency Digital workspace development Digital literacy We’re putting the pedal to the metal!
    30. THE DIGITAL NATIONAL MUSEUM Full digitisation and accessibility Massive representation in Europeana Infrastructure development Collection crowdsourcing Open Source Tools ...and many other things!
    31. WE CAN’T DO THIS ALONE! Collaboration with DK museums Collaboration with ”regular people” heritage enthusiasts audiences and communities education and learning institutions start-ups and commercial businesses
    32. Thank you!
    33. #sharecare12