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On Boarding Process Report


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On Boarding Process Report

  1. 1. By- Jagrati Asija
  2. 2. What is Onboarding?  The process of integrating employees into their new work environment.  Onboarding is continuation of the recruitment process.  Onboarding is the most important steps in retention.
  3. 3. Why “Onboarding” is important? o Reduces Time-to-Productivity o Reduces Stress o Reduces Turnover o Develops Job Knowledge
  4. 4. Reasons for improving onboarding process Recent Research  Only 30% of employees work happily  Disengagement seen during first day  Nearly 1/3 job searching within 6 months  80% of turnover attributed to onboarding  More than 30% of new hires exit before 2 years  33% of employees decide to stay onboard with a firm or jump within their first 30 days of employment.
  5. 5. “On boarding” issues  Onboarding takes time away  Less participations of people and departments  Onboarding doesn’t provide enough information or support.  Less interactive because of digital involvement.  Company combined Onboarding with Orientation.  Onboarding doesn’t last long enough.
  6. 6.  The process of acquiring, accommodating, assimilating, and accelerating new team members…(Simpson 2009).  Provides a framework…to maximize employee productivity, engagement, and retention (Lavigna 2009). Industry onboarding objectives
  7. 7. Industry onboarding workflow Recruiting Onboarding Performance Management
  8. 8. Employee onboarding at “Industry”
  9. 9. New employee onboarding at Google  In its employee onboarding process, Google focuses on practical learning, so that they can create a sense of connection between the employees.  Their employee onboarding strategy also focus around activities which require team effort and coordination so that there is no sense of isolation felt among the new recruits.
  10. 10. Just in time alert system  Employee onboarding process is the just in time alert system that Google follows.  Under this system, a reminder mail is sent to just that manager under which an employee is supposed to be joining the next day.  The goal of this just-in-time reminder checklist is to prompt managers about five small tasks that have proven to have the highest impact on the productivity of their new hire.
  11. 11. Five tasks 1. Having a discussion about roles and responsibilities 2. Matching the new hire with a peer buddy 3. Helping the new hire build a social network 4. Setting up employee onboarding check-ins once a month for the new hire's first six months 5. Encouraging open dialogue
  12. 12. Success Reason  This approach works because managers receive mails only when their sense of urgency is the highest and when they can take immediate action rather than mass mailing.  Only the managers who have a new hire receive it. Also, rather than sending a comprehensive manual, information is sent to new hires in a comprehensive and engaging format.  This process has improved employee onboarding results by 25%.
  13. 13. Apple’s Onboarding process  Apple’s employee onboarding process for a new hire starts even before the employee is hired.  Employees do not know what position they are going to join till their actual first day, which is always a Monday (unless there is a holiday).  The employees are welcomed with big company packets and stickers, HR forms and T-shirts that say, “Class of” with the year of joining.  Every new employee is given a shiny new iMAC, which they have to set up themselves.  The basic idea behind this is to let employees find their own way out by interacting with their co-workers
  14. 14. Presentation Strategy  Apple also has a presentation on secrecy which he calls “Scared Silent” where the head of security comes in and tells employees  that any kind of leaks are strictly forbidden and it is made clear on day 1 that if any secret is leaked out intentionally or unintentionally, employees will be fired immediately.
  15. 15. Facebook's employee onboarding Facebook's employee onboarding starts early and is quick as it focuses on the first 45 minutes. Planning of activities behind the successful implementation of this rule.  Such activities mostly focus on getting devices and systems right - from an employee's PC to their phones.  All this is done much before the employee joins. Secondly, on the day of joining, talks focus more on practical aspects of the job role - like how to set up a meeting or where the printer is.
  16. 16. Bootcamp for engineers  Another very successful employee onboarding strategy of Facebook .  All the engineers who join Facebook, irrespective of their previous training, product focus, office location or seniority, are made to participate in a six week long bootcamp at the Menlo Park headquarters. Here, engineers get acquainted not only with Facebook's codebase, but they also get a glimpse into the culture of the company.
  17. 17. Facebook’s Onboarding Tool As a tool of engagement, engineers are given to write codes to provide solutions to problems on their very first day - typically publishing code on the live site. This gives them real, hands on experience. It also serves as a source of tremendous motivation and gives them a sense of instant gratification. Bootcamp also ensures that the employees get a hang of all the opportunities that Facebook can potentially offer to its employees.  This serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for the new recruits.
  18. 18. Facebook also practices freedom of choice during its employee onboarding process.  Instead of assigning each employee to a team, Facebook allows employees to choose their own teams and projects which they feel most passionate about at the end of the six week boot camp. Facebook's employee onboarding bootcamp process has been very successful and has given rise to a motivated and skilled workforce of engineers. Facebook’s Onboarding Tool
  19. 19. Effective Onboarding process It should be Social.  It should be Interactive. It should be Simple. Digital onboarding. Create for individuals.
  20. 20. Pre- Employment Coordinate first-day schedule, Date of joining, Reporting time. First Day First Week First 90 Days First Year Introduction about company , Job , Profile, Seat, line management. Start training and development process. Collect regular feedback. Performance Appraisal .
  21. 21. First Day First Week First 40 Days First Year First 90 days Introduction about company , Job , Profile, Seat, line management./ Corporate induction. Start training and development process./ Manager’s handshake / Post on FB with pics and small write-ups. Collect regular feedback./ Goal sheet should be Sign by the new joiner s. Performance Appraisal . Survey Feedback Form.
  22. 22. Suggestions  We can use onboarding software.  We can start pick and drop facility for new joiners on the first day.  We can provide individual Mentoring.  We can extend onboarding process and feedback time.  We can arrange first day meeting with line management.  We can conduct survey for onboarding and get information from new joiners and hiring managers.
  23. 23. Improvement Actions  Provide career support in onboarding process./ counseling  We can create documentary for onboarding process and share the stories of employees with new joiners.  Plan fun activities (quizzes )for new joiners with their team members.  Arrange soft skills classes/training for one month related to communication, leadership, teamwork, influencing, negotiations, social engineering and presentation.
  24. 24. References  http://blog.capabiliti.co/employee-onboarding- techniques-of-facebook-google-apple-revealed/  http://www.eremedia.com/ere/wow-googles-simple- just-in-time-checklist-improves-onboarding-results- by-25/  https://www.quora.com/How-is-the-training- onboarding-process-of-new-employees-in-Facebook- Google-and-Apple-and-how-do-these-companies- make-sure-that-its-employees-constantly-keep- learning#
  25. 25. Thank You

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  • Replacement cost is very high than employee’s annual income.,, 86 % employment decision made in 6 months , new hires are very expensive, w have to protect recruitment nvestment,, 4) teaching new hirers about the mission, vision, value, culture of the company, to understand their role , expectation,
  • Keep it Individual
  • Like is it to make good team ? Or to increase productivity ?