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Top coupon websites in India

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The slideshow explains the top coupon/deal websites in India

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Top coupon websites in India

  1. 1. CashKaro • Established in 2011 CcouponDunia has coupons for more than 1500 shopping sites along with 2 million visits a day. It can be said that CouponDunia is one of the best deals website in India. Read the full story here. Coupondunia • Established in 2012 by a young couple Rohan and Swati Bhargava Cashkaro.com is by far the best cash back website in India. Read the full story here.
  2. 2. Freekamaal • Buyhatke, started by three IIT-Kharagpur grads in 2012, is a dynamic product and price discovery platform. With innovative browser extensions Buyhatke is promising to be a leading price comparison website in India. Read more here. BuyHatke • Launched in 2010 by Ravi Kumar, a computer engineer from Noida Freekamaal has more than 2,00,000 users and more than 5million monthly visits on the website. It can be said that Freekamaal is one of the few startups in this particular niche which is profitable from day one. Read more here
  3. 3. Couponraja • Launched in 2010 by tow NIT classmates Sitakanta Ray and Sulakshan Kumar as a portal for discovering books but soon diversified into providing the best price for mobiles and other electronics goods. It has recently received huge funding of £1million from Accel Partners and Helion Venture Partners. Read more about Mysmartprice here. Mysmartprice • Founded in 2011 by Logicserve group, Couponraja is one of leading coupon provider in India. Like CouponDunia, Couponraja is also entering into local restaurant deals where both the websites offer restaurant offers in major cities. Read more about Couponraja here.
  4. 4. Mydala • Founded in 2012 Couponrani is an exclusive coupon provider for online sopping sites. Couponrani also released an API for B2B customers to publish their APIs. Please visit the site to know more. Couponrani • What seems to be Groupon clone Mydala started in 2009 offers the great deals in Indian cities. Mydala in CEO Anisha Singh’s own words here
  5. 5. Grabon • Upto75 is the place where you can get both online and offline discounts in major cities. Started by Gapminers India pvt ltd before 2010 it claims that it doesn’t miss a deal in the city. Upto75 • Founded in 2012, this Hyderabad based startup claims it is the no.1 coupon/deals website in India.
  6. 6. SpicydealZz • Founded in 2014 by 4 youngsters couponchaska has quickly raised as a major contender for online shopping coupons. They also award you with a mobile recharge if you visit a retailer from their website. Couponchaska • Founded in late 2014, SpicydealZz offers best restaurant deals wherever you are Hyderabad, Jaipur, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi. The website also lets you submit your own deals and coupons. It also curates restaurant deals from other coupon websites so that where you’re you can find a deal from SpicydealZz.
  7. 7. Groupon • Founded in 2013 Dealstan is another website which offers deals for online shopping sites. Dealstan • This American deals company entered India in early 2011. Groupon offers deals in all sectors including hotels, holidays, food, etc.. Irnonically enough most of the other coupon sites in this article lists Groupon deals as their coupons.
  8. 8. Couponation • Founded in 2011, Savemyrupee claims that it provides online and in- store coupons to help you save more. Savemyrupee • Founded in 2012, Couponation is operating in more than 14 countries. Couponation provides the customers with online shopping deals.
  9. 9. Flipit.com/in • Founded in 2011, Couponzguru provides the coupons for online shopping websites. Couponzguru • Another great website for online shopping coupons.
  10. 10. Desidime • Launched in 2011, Priceburp is another great website for shopping deals. Priceburp • Started in 2010, Desidime bids to stand out among dime a dozen startups for deals and coupons. Read morehere
  11. 11. Everysaving • Founeded in 2012, 27coupons is a discount coupons, offers and deals sharing portal that displays discount coupons, offers, promotions and deals to retail buyers. 27Coupons • Launched in April 2014 in India, Everysaving offers coupons from over 300 stores.