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CV Jalaj Verma

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CV Jalaj Verma

  1. 1. Jalaj Verma Resume Jan-16 1 Name JALAJ VERMA Nationality British Qualifications Personal summary -Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at Aligarh Muslim University AMU India -Member of IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers) A multi-skilled mechanical engineer with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of mechanical design and static equipment to required specifications and demands. Highly focused with a consistent track record of successful deliverance of projects to meet deadlines and targets. SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE Senior/Lead Static Equipment Engineer with 22 years’ experience of major, global engineering contracting companies in India (EIL) and UK (WorleyParsons). Specializing in the mechanical design, engineering and procurement of Columns, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Breech lock (Screw plug) Heat Exchangers, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, Double Pipe Heat Exchangers, Electric Heaters. Delivered and comprised in material requisition, bidder evaluation, purchase requisition, supplier surveillance and attendance at FAT as well as visiting several manufacturers’ works to carry out technical surveillance. Developed corporate specifications effectively for Pressure Vessels and Welded Storage Tanks for various projects at Worley Parsons. Area of expertise: offshore, onshore, refinery, petrochemical and LNG jobs including conceptual studies, FEED/detail engineering, risk assessment, engineering coordination and EPC; also involved in PMC jobs (for IGD, GASCO and Panipat Refinery). Hands of knowledge and experience of computer software like PV Elite, Finglow for vessels, PV Elite for Tanks to complement practical designs. Assertive with a range of programs such as Smart Sketch, AUTOCAD and VISIO software: using Aspen programme to deliver mechanical design of heat exchangers successfully. Confident with international codes like ASME Section VIII Div. 1 & 2 PED, PD 5500, TEMA, API 650 codes used in hydrocarbon industry.
  2. 2. Jalaj Verma Resume Jan-16 2 EXPERIENCE From 2008- Till now Senior Mechanical Engineer - Worley Parsons Europe Limited, London, UK TANAP Project –EPC Project Working on Two compressor stations and four metering stations where solved the problem of WN Flanges at low temperature in consultation with client in order to come up with a solution logically and analytically. Organized all the vessel, electric heater, and filter separator datasheets, which were modified and developed continuously based on discipline and client comments. Multi-tasking preparation of specifications for Pressure Vessels and Tanks (API 650), and Material Requisition for Pressure Vessels, Electric heaters as well as specifications and issuing for Purchase. Attended Kick of meetings for filter separators and water bath heaters to maximize work resourcefully. Managing responsibility of client coordination through updating datasheets for water bath heaters, revising vendor offers and issuing TBE. Also reviewed the bids for EPC station Packages while being involved in coordination activities between Mumbai office and London office. Vladivostok LNG Feed and Addax Nigeria (Offshore platform) Worked independently on reviewing the LNG vessel datasheets and tank datasheets and releasing the datasheets based on client remarks. Operated on a diverse Offshore platform job reviewing, outlining the flexibility of work, and releasing the separator datasheets, coalescer filter datasheets and delivering the finals after acting on feedback from the client. Sulphur project of PDO Oman Arranged the heat exchanger and air cooler datasheets including waste heat boilers and sulphur condensers effectually and discharging the final datasheets based on client comments needing strong interpersonal communication. Engaged in BP Sullom Voe on enhancing of GIS for tanks and pressure vessels in line with BP specifications contributing to innovative ideas that led to the making of rare and specific equipment: I further prepared spec for Rectangular Storage Tanks. BP Rumaila Feed Project Worked on groundwork of mechanical datasheets for tanks (both site and shop assembled designed as per API 650). Completed tank datasheets from IDC level to issue for Feed level, producing specification for tanks, Standard Detail for Pressure Vessels and Allowable Nozzle Loads to achieve goals in a timely manner in a highly regulated environment. Short time Project assignments also included:-  BP Khazaan: updating the static equipment specifications for Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Heat Exchangers and Air coolers based on client and WP comments  Sulphur projects of Don Valley and Exxon Mobil: Formulating the mechanical
  3. 3. Jalaj Verma Resume Jan-16 3 datasheets for Waste Heat Boiler, TGTU Exchangers and Final Sulphur Condensers.  Humber Refinery Sulphur Improvement Project: Arranging the mechanical datasheets and requisitions for Vessels, Reactor, Columns, and Filters and issued them for Enquiry. Further assisted project coordination between various disciplines through regular punctuality and good organization.  BP Sullom Voe: Study reports on the fatigue analysis report for two high pressure Molecular Sieve Vessels, involving critical calculation of allowable stress for Blowdown temperatures in case of vessels operating at very low temperatures. Iran LNG Project Worked self-sufficiently on review of offers for Carbon Steel Vessels, Feed Separator and Atmospheric Vaporiser. Prepared the Technical Bid Evaluation (for Carbon Steel Vessels, Feed Separator and Atmospheric Vaporisers) and Technical Queries, positively evaluating their replies in a calm manner. IGD Gasco Habshan Established work in a PMC job reliably for static equipment with Hyundai Heavy Engineering as EPC contractor requiring leadership and management. Activities included a strong review of: vendor documents for static equipment; Purchase specifications; comments given on Code drawings. Carried out project coordination for getting the documents reviewed by piping and structure for vessels and exchangers. Conoco Philips Humber side Refinery UK Complete technical responsibility by committing to the production of Project Standard Drawings, Mechanical Data Sheets, required to support the FEED cost estimate and in preparation for the purchase of new Heat exchangers, Air coolers, Columns, Vessels and Filters. Making wise decisions and learning quickly, I also studied the vendors’ offer for heat exchangers thoroughly and prepared the technical bid analysis. Kashagan Full Feed Development Project, Kazakhstan KWAC Senior Static Equipment Engineer on the FEED project for the development of both onshore and offshore facilities in the Caspian Sea. The project included the development of three hubs in Offshore and creation of onshore facilities for oil and gas and I had complete procedural responsibility for the honest production of Project Standard Drawings, Mechanical Data Sheets, which were required to support the FEED cost estimate, preparation for the purchase of new Heat exchangers, Air coolers, Electric Heaters, Brazed Aluminium Exchangers and Tank Electric Heaters. Implemented compliance dependably with International Codes and Kazakh regulations. Achievement of mechanical datasheets and mechanical design of static equipment and using applied knowledge for the interaction with Piping and structure reporting the plot plan and foundation data. Petrom Vision 2010 Refinery Upgrade and Revamp FEED Project, Petrobrazi, Romania Senior Static Equipment Engineer on the FEED project for the revamp and upgrade of existing Petrobrazi refinery, Romania. The project included the dynamic addition of a new
  4. 4. Jalaj Verma Resume Jan-16 4 Hydrocracker Unit. Complete technical responsibility for the production of Project Standard Drawings, Mechanical Data Sheets, requiring supporting the FEED cost estimate and in preparation for the purchase of new Long Lead pressure vessels (reactors, drums, columns, tanks). Comfortably executed agreement with EC Directives and Romanian regulations. Developed and maintained Mechanical Equipment List for new and existing mechanical equipment on the revamped plant. 1993 - 2008 Manager /Lead Mechanical Engineer (Heat exchanger and Vessels) – Engineers India Limited (EIL), Delhi, India A Govt Owned Company- Having extensive experience of 15 years with the company by handling engineering and procurement of major static equipment. Assumed complete technical responsibility for the mechanical design of pressure vessels, shell & tube exchangers, air cooled heat exchangers and associated equipment. Successfully developed and produced equipment specifications, mechanical data sheets, material requisitions and technical bid evaluations for the above equipment many times. Managed a group of engineers to provide team leadership as a delegate to achieve the best of the various projects. Assignments mentioned below are all EPC contracts which involved material requisition, vendor selection, technical bid evaluation, purchase requisition and visiting of vendor works for technical surveillance and FAT. Major Projects Handled:  Bharat Oman Refinery Limited: Unit CDU/VDU & DCU  Bongaigaon Refinery Limited: Unit DHDT& H2,  Gas Cracker Unit EO and EG Units For Indian Petrochemical Ltd (IPCL), Dahej-Gujarat  DHDT and Hydrogen Units For Bongaigaon Refinery Of India Ltd. (BRPL), Gandhar  DHDS, H2 , Sulfur Block and Hydrocracker Units for IOCL-Panipat, IOCL-Haldia, IOCL-Mathura  NHT,CCR, Isomerisation, Prime G, Sulphur Block, Offsite Units Of Green Field Emission Job for HPCL Mumbai  LLDPE, HDPE, LPG, NTGG Units for Gas Authority Of India Gail.  ISO Octane Project, Dubai  Offshore Project: Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC), India  Preparation of data sheets and material requisitions for heat exchangers and air coolers for BHS and NQP Platforms  Refinery-III for Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited, Chennai  Overseas Assignment: Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd., Kobe, South Korea - review of vendor’s documents, design calculations& fabrication drawings of heat exchangers Site Training for two months at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Mumbai during the employment as Management Trainee.