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Learn cctv

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Learn CCTV offer another service which many installers use, Fault Finding. When you have thought of every possibility and your site is still not functioning correctly, then we maybe able to offer help. We offer this in blocks of 1/2 day. Our prices are charged so that they do not eat into your budget for the job.

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Learn cctv

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  2. 2. started installing them. Here at Learn CCTV we teach you from the basics of CCTV up to high end lP systems. But dont worry, we take everything step by step. We don't over complicate things, we teach in a simple hands on way, which both makes you understand and remember. We don't want you tojust sit there and watch a PowerPoint presentation for 5 hrs. we show you the kit. let you handle the kit. Frequently Asked Questions Who can attend the courses? The course is really aimed at anyone who wants to learn about CCTV. We have found that many electrical contractors are getting asked to install CCTV but they don't know how to. Builders are also being asked. as well as shop fitters and Air Conditioning engineers. There are also those people who are looking for a career change and want to add CCTV installations as one of their disciplines. Our courses are open to anyone. We are a company based outside the UK, can you provide 9 training in our country? Where do you hold the courses? We hold the courses in different cities every month, this reduces the need for our customers to spend the day traveling and more time focusing on learning. We hold the courses in conference rooms and we have equipment for the hands on practical part for the students. If you wish to train a number of your staff and wish for the course to be held at your premises. then we can also arrange for this. Please contact us to discuss. How often do you hold courses? 0
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