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TMZOOM Trademark Search Platform

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TMZOOM is a ground-breaking new trademark search tool. It is super-easy to handle, even without prior training and it provides access to trademark databases of more than 60 countries. Results are presented very clearly and can be processed quickly due to an intuitive navigation. Searches can be conducted everywhere at any time, for example on mobile devices. Identical searches are free of charge.

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TMZOOM Trademark Search Platform

  1. 1. Member of SMD Group
  2. 2. You are… • Paralegal • Lawyer • Patent Attorney • Trademark Agent • Product Manager • Entrepreneur • Fond of German Chocolate ...SEARCHING A TRADEMARK!
  3. 3. Simple, Intuitive Search Platform
  4. 4. 4 EASY STEPS
  5. 5. Simple, Intuitive Search Platform Enter your TM Choose your Search Type Select your Class(es) Pick your Countries
  6. 6. Search via Trademark Class
  7. 7. The Most Important Trademark Registries in the World
  8. 8. Refine your Country Search Benelux
  9. 9. Submit Search
  10. 10. …And Voilà!