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Outlier Ventures Startup Scoring

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This is how we compare investment opportunities across six vectors each providing a score.

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Outlier Ventures Startup Scoring

  1. 1. 1. MARKET Is this an interesting enough market opportunity? a) Is this the right market size? b) Is the market highly regulated or controlled by a few gate keepers? c) Is there a clear unmet customer need or desire? 2. TEAM Is this the right team to realise a sustainable business to meet the customer need? a) What level of direct experience does the team have of the sector? b) Do they have the right mix of skills to solve the problem? c) What level of start-up experience do they have? 3. TECHNOLOGY How possible is this to realise today technologically? And is the technology itself a barrier to adoption? a) Does the basic enabling infrastructure exist today? b) Are the barriers for user adoption high or low? c) How much does the user have to think about the tech to adopt it? 4. TIMING Is the next 12 months the right time to invest? a) Has there been a new innovation enabler making this now possible? b) Is there clear demonstrable demand that already exists? c) Are there any signs of commoditisation? 5. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Is this a ‘blue ocean’ opportunity? And how defensible is it once captured? a) Is there a clear and acknowledged market inefficiency? b) Is there room to create a clear and sustainable differentiating position? c) How defendable is the position to competition? 6. PORTFOLIO MIX Does the investment opportunity compliment the current Outlier Venture portfolio mix? a) How quickly could we get this to market? b) Is the business capital or people intensive? c) What is the possible exit time frame? (1-2 yrs, 3-5 yrs, 5+ yrs) LevelofPriority Startup Scoring