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5 Ingredients for Achieving Total Customer Satisfaction

  1. 5 Ingredients for Achieving Total Customer Satisfaction
  2. Customer Satisfaction In Automated World “I truly believe that even in this automated world that we are moving into, service quality and high standards in customer interaction will be success defining factors.”- Pere Hospital, CTO – Cloudways
  3. Customer Satisfaction O Accept a Fact: O “You can’t make everyone happy all the time.” O But this does not mean you should leave them unattended. O Focus on your customers and assess how you can really help them. and O Keep a close eye on what they think about your offering, it will help you jumpstart your journey on the road to success.
  4. Customer Satisfaction at Cloudways At Cloudways, we are progressing on the road to achieving utmost customer satisfaction. We had roadblocks in the beginning due to our lack of experience, but we listened to our customers — and kept on improving what we do and how we do it! Now we have a Customer Satisfaction rate of 94% and this is how we were able to achieve this rate.
  5. Measure O To know what is going on with your product, start measuring EVERYTHING! O Metrics are the mission control center of your startup. How Cloudways does it? We ask one simple question with every solved ticket: “How well did the technical support representatives at Cloudways solve this ticket?”
  6. Answer O Check customers’ feedback EVERY DAY. O Positive Reviews are good for showing off; it is the Negative ones that you have to nurture. O Answer ALL AND EVERY negative review. I repeat EVERY. O Be happy that they have actually bothered to give you a feedback. GET BACK TO THEM! O There is no better way to understand what is going on with the progress of your “child” and which “extra classes” are required.
  7. Incrementally Improve O Do not rush into improving everything. O It is very important that your customers know that you LISTEN to them. O Set Realistic Goals to achieve. O When you achieve your goals, LET YOUR CUSTOMERS KNOW. O When you solve their issues, LET YOUR CUSTOMERS KNOW O They will—I promise—appreciate it!
  8. Set Expectations O Set Realistic Expectations O You should know What and When things were expected to happen. O It reduces support load as customers will not always be asking about when something will be completed O It is critical that you meet the expectations you set. O Better still, leave some margin, so you can easily improve on them!
  9. Build A Culture O Build a culture where (from top to bottom and from left to right) customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of “who you are” and “how you do things” O This is again something you need to nurture on daily basis. O Don’t rush on crafting a culture, just engrave it in your business DNA!
  10. Hopefully these tips would help you gain more customers, and hopefully, no competitors! Good Luck! 