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JamminJoe The True Smooth Saxophonist

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JamminJoe The True Smooth Saxophonist

  1. 1. You’ve been searching, and now you have found JamminJoe "The True Smooth Saxophonist". Itmay be hard for you to believe, but you don’t have to look any further......CONGRATULATIONS!Here is “the one” to add to your database...A Saxophonist with a unique technique that fits into amarket niche normally reserved for virtuosos. JamminJoe is an original artist who has a smoothtechnique; memorably melodic melodies; resonating harmonies and always entertaining“grooveability.”
  2. 2. ABOUT ME……..Hailing from Akron, Ohio by way of Southern California, JamminJoe was born Joseph E. JohnsonJr. to Joseph E. Johnson Sr. and Carolyn J. Campbell-Johnson. The second of six children,JamminJoe capitalized on his musical talents at a young age. During the time when the familylived in San Bernardino, California; the foundation of his musical training and development wasdeveloped and solidified. Practicing countless hours and days in his parents’ garage Joe Jr. andhis brother Steve (who played the Sousaphone), experimented with endless chordal harmoniesalongside their father. JamminJoe’s first instruments were the Trumpet and the Trombone.Although he somewhat mastered these instruments, he eventually settled on the Saxophonebecause he felt it allowed him more freedom of expression. The experimentation in his father’sgarage paid off and helped develop JamminJoe into one of the most skilled improvisers you’ll findin the jazz circuit.Although his style of play is uniquely his own, JamminJoe has been compared to accomplishedsaxophonists such as: Grover Washington Jr., Gerald Albright, King Curtis, Stanley Turrentine,Boots Randolph, Kenny G., and Lester “Prez” Young, the latter of which JamminJoe played thesaxophonists solos in a play about Billie Holiday (“The Resurrection of Lady Lester” by Oyamo).JamminJoe was exposed to Blues, Jazz, Funk, and R&B by the combined influences of his firstcousin Clifford “Moon” Johnson, and his mother who had accidentally thrown away several of hisfather’s jazz records by legendary artists that included Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, DukeEllington, Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, Sarah Vaughn, Joe Williams, and Richard “Grooves”Holmes. JamminJoe quickly retrieved these records from the trash and absorbed all that he couldfrom their styles. A few years later he began to practice his scales to classical music recordings tofurther develop his smooth style.During the early 80’s while attending Oregon State University (OSU), JamminJoe was deniedmembership in the OSU Jazz Band because as the band director said to him "Your mind is madeup about how you want to play”. This only ignited the flames that fueled JamminJoe’s thirst forplaying the saxophone in a smooth style patterned after Charlie Parker. During the summer of1981 JamminJoe was recruited and joined, a punk rock, ska- reggae band called the Crazy 8’s tocomplete their "two-toned"(black and white members) line-up. During his tenure with the band,JamminJoe quickly rose to become the band’s first manager and made history in Portland, Ore asthe first black manager of a rock and roll group at that time. He convinced the members of theband to record an album while he negotiated for and found an investor in the band. That investorturned out to be his brother Steve Johnson, a former Division One College All-American and NBAAll-Star. He confidently invested in his brother’s dream. Joe also secured a world-class producernamed Marlon McClain guitarist for the groundbreaking 70s Jazz and Funk act "Pleasure".With the help of his then girlfriend who worked at the Oregonian Newspaper, JamminJoeconvinced the band to pay the papers nationally syndicated political cartoonist, Jack Ohman, toprovide the eye-catching artwork for their first and most popular album “LAW AND ORDER” whichincluded two of JamminJoes songs "Jump Rock" and "Im Ok, You’re Ok". As a result of theirpress and focus, the band became the most popular band in the Pacific Northwest, and one ofthe top favorites on national college radio. They frequently out-charted A-list acts such as Princeand Michael Jackson on college radio. In spite of the band’s mixed feelings about an unexpected opportunity in 1985, JamminJoegarnered the band national exposure when he managed to get the band on the nationallysyndicated TV show “Star Search” that included up and coming Super Star comedian Sinbad.Thanks to JamminJoes understanding of contracts and the legal muscle and expertise ofattorney J.R. Barnes (one of the founding members of AFTRA) The Crazy 8s went on the showafter becoming the first band to ever renegotiate a "Star Search" (360 degree) contract. Duringthis same period the Crazy 8s lightning rod-like attention in the music industry continued tocatapult their popularity as they exploded on the national music scene with articles in TV Guide(Feb 23- Mar 1, 1985); Billboard and Rolling Stone Magazine, the latter of which described theCrazy 8s as a band to "watch in the future".JamminJoe has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with numerous national and internationalStars, including Art Blakeley and the Jazz Messengers, Kenny Loggins, The Clash, Toots and theMaytals, Pleasure, The Neville Bros., Eddie Harris, Kenny G., Johnny Lee Hooker, The English
  3. 3. Beat, Bernard Purdy, Curtis Salgado, Leroy Vinegar, Burning Spear, Romeo Void, Mel Brown, andJoe Pass. The Crazy 8s were unfortunately wiped off the popular music scene radar due in partto the sudden explosion of a new musical genre in the Pacific Northwest called "Grunge" led byKirk Cobain leader of the band "Nirvana".JamminJoe moved on to make educational videos and become an internationally award winningvideographer for the Portland Public Schools first Teen Parent TV Program. He was part of theIndependent News Corporation "Grass Roots New" as an on-air radio personality, reporter,videographer, and producer. He hosted and co-hosted two long running Cable TV shows inPortland, his own and second one with international Blues recording artist Curtis Salgado.JamminJoe continued pursuing his passion within the Jazz genre and went on to form the first"Moment’s Notice" band with Keyboard player Mark "Sparky" Hardy after being hired by a clubowner moments after being excused from a band due to the financial challenges of the band.There were other Moments Notice bands formed in Indiana, Colorado, Arizona, California, andLas Vegas. JamminJoe and the MOMENTS NOTICE Band performs predominately improvised, originalsmooth jazzy R&B, and Gospel Jazz... The band is designed with its listeners in mind, in that, it isfor those who want musicians that are highly skilled instrumentalists, and it truly sounds like suchwhen you hear them. JamminJoe is always ready in a moment’s notice and is often hired bythose who appreciate something truly unique, new, refreshing, and memorable. JamminJoeknows that his audiences are passionate people who enjoy going to concerts (indoor, outdoor,paid or free), watching and listening to their favorite artists whether it is from there downloads andother digital collections, smart phones, mp3 players; videos (from their personal collections, or onTV).When you hire JamminJoe for your event, it is as if you are watching your favorite artists live. JamminJoe is highly skilled in playing many styles of music; R&B, Blues, Rock and Roll,Electronic, Dubstep, Jam Band, Alternative, Pop, Gospel, Reggae, Country and Western,Dixieland, and Classic & Smooth Jazz.JamminJoe is presently in pre-production to record his solo CD. He is also collaborating withartist from all over the world and has produced a one-man show to showcase his own innovativeplaying style and is currently gearing up for his West Coast tour.For bookings and events, contact Lady J’s Management Joint, LLC at (209) 405-1882 or (702)883-9578.