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Monitoring as a service - Velocity NYC 2015

Building a modern monitoring environment is more than just using the latest awesome tools, collecting all the data, displaying numerous graphs, and knowing when things go wrong. A modern monitoring environment is more than tools and infrastructure. It’s a service. A service you provide to your whole team: developers, operations, security, and the business.

This talk is about how you can build monitoring environments (or extend your existing environment) that are customer-focused rather than infrastructure focused. You’ll see how you can treat your needs and the needs of your organization as customer requirements, and build monitoring that is consumable and configurable on demand.

We’ll focus on:

* You are not the only customer of your monitoring
* What does monitoring as a service look like?
* How do we move to a customer-driven service?
* How does this change how your monitoring environment operates?

By the end of the talk you should be able to understand what you need in order to make monitoring available as a service to anyone in your organization.

Monitoring as a service - Velocity NYC 2015

  1. Monitoring As A Service Modernity and Self-Service James Turnbull @kartar 1
  2. Who • VP of Engineering at Kickstarter • Advisor at Docker • Open source chap • Funny accent 2
  3. The Docker Book www.dockerbook.com 3
  4. The Art of Monitoring www.artofmonitoring.com 4
  5. Who are you folks? 5
  6. What's this all about? 6
  7. Modernity and Baudelaire the fleeting, ephemeral experience of life in an urban metropolis ... the responsibility art has to capture that experience ... characterized by intense historical discontinuity ... openness to the novelty of the future ... a heightened sensitivity to what is unique about the present... -- Philosophical Romanticism by Nikolas Kompridis 7
  8. Two phases 1. Making monitoring modern 2. Making monitoring a service 8
  9. Phase 1: Making monitoring modern 9
  10. Traditional monitoring (sucks) 1. It's focussed on the wrong things. 2. It's often archaic. 3. It's not easily mangeable. 10
  11. The right stuff 11
  12. Focus on business outcomes 12
  13. Top down 1. Business logic. 2. Applications. 3. Services. 4. Infrastructure. 13
  14. Choose more modern tooling 14
  15. Push instead of Pull 15
  16. Fault detection is for yesterday 16
  17. Metrics are king 17
  18. Automation is key 18
  19. And a stepping stone to the next phase 19
  20. Phase 2: Making monitoring a service 20
  21. What's a service? 21
  22. Services are customer focussed 22
  23. Stop making your monitoring only about you 23
  24. Talk to customers 24
  25. Gather requirements 25
  26. Change the cycle of monitoring development 26
  27. Attach monitoring to product development 27
  28. Change the accountability 28
  29. Self-service is king 29
  30. Present an API Not a ticket 30
  31. Services 31
  32. Consoles 32
  33. Logging & Reporting 33
  34. You are not the only customer of your monitoring 34
  35. Questions? @kartar http://www.artofmonitoring.com 35