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OER World Map presentation at OpenEd14

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Sides of the presentation by Jan Neumann from the North Rhine-Westphalian Library Services Centre at OpenEd14 about the OER World Map project, phase II.

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OER World Map presentation at OpenEd14

  1. 1. The OER World Map Project, Phase II Jan Neumann, North Rhine-Westphalian Library Service Centre graphthinking
  2. 2. The Team Jan Adrian Phillip Felix Rob Johannes ? graphthinking
  3. 3. Evolution of the Project Vision I (2012) "The OER World Map will illuminate the scope and nature of the global OER movement and act as a point of entry for a range of users. Its visualisation will serve to identify OER initiatives and OER people worldwide to facilitate sharing resources and connecting people. Built in collaboration, it will engage contributors and users as ‘co-owners’ to promote comprehensiveness and sustainability.” (Susan D’Antoni)
  4. 4. Evolution of the Project Vision II (2014) "The OER Data Hub is a platform which collects and publishes openly into the web data by, about and for the OER community. The OER World Map is the first out of many applications build on top of the OER Data Hub, which visualizes the data in the form of a geographical map and serves as a symbol of the project.”
  5. 5. Which Data we collect
  6. 6. Is the world map… • …an OER Search engine? • … a new OER facebook? • … a program management system for the selforganizing OER community? Well, a bit of everything!
  7. 7. The map is not the only application
  8. 8. Applications Map Search Profiles Statistics Calendar Time Line Spreadsheet Export
  9. 9. You can use them in your Website!
  10. 10. And there will be many more of them in the future
  11. 11. How do we get there? Data Curation Projects Hybrid Editorial Workflow Community
  12. 12. An Avalanche is coming! „Starting powder snow avalanche“ by Scientif38, CC-BY-SA
  13. 13. There are many ways to contribute! • As a general stakeholder you can develop usecases for the project. • As an expert, institution or service you can input your data. • As a data curation project you can use the world map to collect data or build an interface to the OER Data Hub for automatic import. • As a World Map Partner you can motivate your community to contribute to the „OER World Map edit-a-ton“ • As a champion you can take over responsibility that your country or your continent is well represented • As a developer you can build useful aplications and help to develop a rich ecosystem.
  14. 14. Thanks for listening! neumann@hbz-nrw.de , www.oerwoldmap.org, @oerworldmap graphthinking The OER World Map Project, Phase II von Jan Neumann ist lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung 4.0 International Lizenz.