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Be willing to learn and set goals as an Entrepreneur

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  2. Mindset of the Entrepreneur Imperfect Action is better than no Action Jane Gardner
  3. Positive Attitude Passion Action Taker Embrace Change Persistence Failure as Feedback The “Big Why” Patience
  4. An entrepreneur needs to be open to learning every day
  5. The internet changes so quickly
  6. Facebook changes its logarithm
  7. Google changes search
  8. The tactics that work today
  9. could be gone tomorrow
  10. Better to learn strategies rather than tactics
  11. So you have to be open to
  12. always learning new skills and knowledge
  13. By three methods we may learn wisdom
  14. First, by reflection which is noblest
  15. Second by imitation which is easiest.
  16. And third by experience which is the bitterest.
  17. Confucius
  18. The internet is full of great training programs
  19. The real challenge is deciding
  20. which one is best for you.
  21. Here are some things to consider
  22. Are you going to use it for your business
  23. RIGHT NOW?
  24. Looking at your Learning Priorities
  25. what do you need NOW to learn
  26. and find a training program to fulfill that need.
  27. Focus on your goal
  28. Choose the program based on
  29. whether or not it will get you to your goal
  30. It has to be something you can use today.
  31. Ask yourself whether you have the TIME to do it?
  32. Try to work on it a little at a time daily.
  33. Before buying anything
  34. look at your schedule and decide
  35. when will be your training time.
  36. Ask yourself do you really need it?
  37. Some tasks you can outsource, delegate to others or automate.
  38. Most training requires some investment
  39. of time and energy
  40. and the end result may not be worth it.
  41. Research each product you're considering and see reviews. Take everything with a grain of salt.
  42. Look especially for honest negative reviews.
  43. Ask yourself does it cover everything?
  44. Will the product cover everything
  45. you need to know?
  46. Will it only cover part of the process and
  47. you have to purchase and learn more?
  48. Have a plan to follow through with the training that is written out as a schedule.
  49. You get busy, you get distracted, lose interest or find other ideas and you lose focus
  50. from finishing the training.
  51. Decide on a end goal deadline
  52. to finish the training and then
  53. work backwards to divide up the days
  54. with some training each day
  55. to keep yourself on track.
  56. Always learn with the end result in mind
  57. and how that learning
  58. will move your business forward.
  59. I have a free workbook "From Learning to Business Success" at to help you focus on your priorities when learning!
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