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I am always doing things to learn as an Entrepreneur

  1. I am always doing things I can't do. That's how I get to do them. Pablo Picasso
  2. Success is all about effective learning
  3. Take an inventory of your skills
  4. Evaluate the skills needed to run your business
  5. Where do you need to focus your learning?
  6. Your weakest skill is where you need to start
  7. Is is finances? Is it organizational? Is it ……?
  8. What skills do you need?
  9. Ask people in your industry
  10. Find a mentor
  11. Learning is all about removing obstacles
  12. Remove obstacles by acquiring new skills
  13. What's holding you back from learning a new skill?
  14. Finances?
  15. Fear of Failure?
  16. Tool or Resource you need?
  17. Beliefs or ideas holding you back?
  18. Tell yourself you're not good at handling money
  19. You'll ensure you never learn how to do it
  20. Believe that you can change.
  21. Identify those negative beliefs and change them
  22. Always keep track of your progress
  23. Celebrate each new skill by putting it in daily journal
  24. The thing you learned to do even if minor and
  25. And add a skill you need to learn
  26. so you know what to learn next
  27. Another reason for the daily journal is to
  28. monitor when skills need to be brushed up
  29. as you may lose the skill
  30. Keep an eye out for skills that may be weakening and
  31. try that skill out again to keep in practice.
  32. It is all about learning with a plan and focus
  33. Learning to move forward towards Business Success