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Trend intro Facts about the trend Challenges Opportunities
Jupiter Research projects that the wearable
technology market will be worth $19 million
by 2018.
Tractica forecasts that consumers utilizing
home health technologies will increase from
14.3 million worldwide in 2014 to 78.5 million
by 2020.
PwC asked consumers what was more
important to them: privacy or convenience.
The answer depended on the type of data.
73% rated the privacy of their medical
records as more important than convenience
of access. For data regarding diet and
exercise, ca. 60% percent said convenience of
access was more important than privacy.
(HRI, PwC, 2014)
Management of chronic diseases still
consumes about 70% of healthcare costs.
Only 30% is spent on preventive healthcare
and wellness. (FierceMobileHealthcare, 2013)
Almost nothing can be done In the
medical device industry without the
involvement of compliance lawyers.
A common concern is that
consumers initial excitement with
with wearables will fade away if they
have limited success achieving their
health and fitness goals.
A remote monitoring device, a
wearable or an implantable that is
intuitive enough to sense patient
status will boost patient confidence in
using IoT devices and provider
confidence in recommending and
prescribing them.
The combination of technological
maturity, consumer eagerness to use
apps as well as devices and
physicians’ willingness to work with
the data all point to home health care
as a major trend.
Technology allows us to measure critical
health parameters in convenient and
inexpensive ways - tiny, wearable,
sensors collect data without inferring
with our daily lives and help us and our
caregivers make better, more informed
quantifiable decisions.
Patients have choices regarding the
purchase of many digital health
technologies. In the future, choices will
increase with the awareness and
development of more robust, impactful,
diversified and integrated technologies.
Web-based portals that enable
regulatory compliant video interactions
between patient and clinician are now
supported by a wide array of web-
integrated wireless monitoring devices.
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