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How chatbots enhance customer engagement and customer communication by Jay Shah

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How chatbots enhance customer engagement and customer communication
Jay Shah, Partner at &How Intelligence, Data & Artificial Intelligence Specialist

1) Introduction
Brief introduction of &How Intelligence
Current market situation
Market is changing rapidly in real-time, tectonic shifts happening in the world
How COVID-19 has helped to fuel the usage for chatbot technology
The technology ranges from ‘text chatbot’ to ‘virtual assistant’, with ‘virtual assistant’ being the core functionality that &How and UIB sell

2) Chatbots: a game-changer for telecom companies
Why chatbots are gaining popularity in the telecommunications industry
Telecoms typically have a large user base and this means that they receive a high volume of user requests daily and chatbots provide almost immediate responses
On top of that, today’s consumers expect a higher quality of services and more responsive service providers, especially when it comes to mobile and internet connections

How chatbots humanize the telecommunications industry
Enhance the customer experience
Reduce operational costs
Boost sales through cross-selling and promotion
Improve company’s productivity
A case example of du, a UAE telecommunications service provider with approximately 9 million customers

3) More thoughts on the future of chatbots and what the future looks like
Technology is constantly changing and evolving, with new technologies generating new opportunities for businesses
Chatbots are not just great for the telecommunications industry but also for the wider usage for companies/businesses and even for day-to-day chores
More companies are becoming more customer-centric. Hence, in a time where COVID-19 is an accelerator for chatbot technology, it would be crucial to put into place governance frameworks to mitigate the risks of chatbots (such as inconsistent responses, or not giving accurate enough answers) whilst maximizing the benefits that they bring to the table.

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How chatbots enhance customer engagement and customer communication by Jay Shah

  1. 1. How chatbots enhance customer engagement and communication
  2. 2. Market situation is changing rapidly Developments in AI and NLP Chatbot technology maturing Covid-19 Rise in demand for intelligent customer engagement Demand Supply
  3. 3. Chatbots: a game-changer for businesses Repetitive nature of enquiries Increased call volume Communication with other departments 24/7 flowing queries Network of interactive voice response (IVR) options
  4. 4. Chatbots are the future of communication Intelligent: advanced software that learns from past interactions, and improves over time with increased interactions Effective: - ability to resolve enquiries quickly and efficiently through a channel that is easily scalable - reduces operational costs - improves customer service team’s productivity Engaging: enhances the customer experience through personalized two way conversations that make the customers feel they are speaking to a real human being
  5. 5. Interconnecting IoT to Create Conversations ● Hospitality ○ Room Service ○ F&B Management ○ Security ○ In Room Device Management ● Manufacturing ○ Inventory Management ○ Safety ○ Logistics ● Commercial Offices ○ Security ○ Facilities Management ○ HR ● Hospitals ○ Safety ○ Emergency Response ○ Patient Communication
  6. 6. Technology Build-up & APIs ● Natural Language Processing ● Sentiment Analysis ● Visual Recognition Engines ● Accounting Systems ● Customer Service ● Marketing Messaging System ● Facilities Management ● Security Management
  7. 7. Customer Success Story Client ➔ Global Connected Technology Leader Channel ➔ WhatsApp Objectives ➔ Resolve Building Issues Faster with Fewer People Strategy ➔ Create a Facilities Management Chatbot Group ➔ Allow All Building Tenants to Report Issues Via WhatsApp Use Case ➔ Scan QR Code ➔ Tenant Messages Image and/or Text to Report Issue ➔ Team Resolves Issue and Replies to Tenant Results / Impact ➔ Increased Transparency of Facilities Management Operations ➔ Increased Number of Building Issues Resolved (and Issues Resolved Faster!) ➔ Increased Productivity of Facilities Management Team Members ➔ Increased Building Team, Tenant, and Management Satisfaction
  8. 8. Customer Success Story Client ➔ Telecom Operator Channel ➔ WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger Objectives ➔ Make Customer Service Fast, Easy, and Scalable ➔ Reduce Call Centre and Retail Store Workload Strategy ➔ Provide Customers with a Superior, Differentiated Experience ➔ Reach Customers on the Channels They Use Most Use Case ➔ Create a Cognitive Assistant/Chatbot, “Blu” ➔ Instantly Answer the Most Frequently Asked Questions in Arabic and English ➔ Leverage Insights from Conversational Data and Analytics Results / Impact ➔ 80% of Customers Chose to Resolve Their Queries Via WhatsApp ➔ >50% of Customer Inquiries Were Resolved via Blu ➔ 50,000 Customer Conversations took place via Blu in the First 180 Days
  9. 9. Customer Success Story
  10. 10. What the future looks like… New technology driving new business opportunities Wider usage for chatbot technology in all other industries with COVID-19 as an accelerator Governance frameworks to be implemented to mitigate Chatbot risks
  11. 11. &How Intelligence Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Monetisation and Modernisation Cloud & Cyber Security Services Marketing & Customer Engagement