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TADHack Global 2020 Simwood Developer Resources, Jared Smith

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For everyone who has registered for TADHack Global 2020 we’re running two Developer Resources Webinars on Tuesday 29th September at:

8AM ET / 1PM UK / 2PM CET / 5:30 Sri Lanka / 8PM Singapore; Link to playlist from morning session.
10AM PT / 1PM ET / 6PM UK / 7PM CET.

It’s a chance to get an introduction to the sponsors’ resources as well as ask any questions. We’ll record the sessions, so if you can not make either session, you can still catch up on what happened. And you can ask questions in the comments section of this weblog as well.

The Global Sponsor Resources are here: https://tadhack.com/2020/global/developer-resources/

For Chicago / North America the additional Intepeer and Symbl.ai resources are here: https://tadhack.com/2020/global/developer-resources-chicago/

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TADHack Global 2020 Simwood Developer Resources, Jared Smith

  1. 1. Welcome to Simwood
  2. 2. Wholesale Platform Resellers EndUser Network Operator Physicalcallconveyance topeers.Numberrange hosting. SIPinterconnectfor numbersandminutes HostedPBX,SIPTrunking, valueaddedservices Ultimateconsumer White-labeltoend-user oronwardreseller SimwoodGroupPLC
  3. 3. GlobalPOPs
  4. 4. AS42353
  5. 5. Nominimumspend Zero-riskbundles White-labelledplatform Billingdoneforyou Partnersupport Useournumbers BrandedApps Minimumspend PAYGaggressiverates Develop&Operateplatform Doyourownbilling Wholesalesupport Numberrangehosting
  6. 6. Simwood Direct
  7. 7. Slack Support ● Support will be provided via Slack ● You will receive your Slack invitation soon after registration
  8. 8. ReGISTRATION ● Email tadhack2020-signup@simwood.com – Email address – First name – Surname/Family name – Team/Company name – Contact phone number
  9. 9. TADHACK ACCOUNTS ● Not for production use ● Include free calling credit ● Accounts removed after the event
  10. 10. CREDENTIALS ● Web interface direct.simwood.com ● API direct.simwood.com/api/v1 pbx.sipcentric.com/api/v1
  11. 11. COMMON VOICE PROBLEMS ● Proper IP addresses in ACLs/firewalls – See the documentation for the full list ● Proper CallerID values – We block on invalid CallerID ● CODECs – Use G711 (alaw or ulaw) for best results
  12. 12. WHERE TO FIND DOCUMENTATION ● API documentation http://developer.simwood.com/direct ● Examples – https://www.npmjs.com/package/@sipcentric/pbx-client – https://github.com/sipcentric/node-pbx-client/tree/ master/examples/webrtc-softphone
  13. 13. Best of luck in your hacking!