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Tawasol Go Smart TADSummit

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Dr Osama Moustafa, Tawasol IT presents Go Smart TADSummit 12-13 November 2014, Istanbul Turkey

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Tawasol Go Smart TADSummit

  1. 1. About Tawasol  Specialized in mobile apps development since 2007  Operating form UAE – KSA – Kuwait – Egypt – Bahrain – Qatar – USA – UK – Spain  150 developers across platforms
  2. 2. Why collaboration between Telco & Developers is Fundamental Operators challenges: - Increase their customers’ loyalties. - Making data a priority more than voice - Monetization for new services - Building a brand - New users’ accusations Developers challenges: - Finding apps that meet users’ needs - App users targeting - Effective marketing campaign - Easy Payment Solutions through carrier billing
  4. 4. SUCCESS STORY – Core Service App Kuwait Customer Self Care App Easy to communica te with clients - notification Cross selling key core services Reduce Customer Care tickets Quick Access to social Media Client to manage their services easily and simply Easy exploring products and services Telco Benefits
  5. 5. SUCCESS STORY – Content App KSA STC Religious Bundle App Drive up data usage Carrier billing = + Revenues Easy exploring services and subscribe on it All content on one rich bundle Telco Benefits
  6. 6. SUCCESS STORY – Branded App FCB Multimedia FCB Studio APP Cross selling core products Premium Sports offering Benefits from the Global Campaign by FCB Carries Billing = More Revenues Efficient communica tion channel with fans New revenue stream New content distributio n channel Utilize existing content Telco Benefits CP Benefits
  7. 7. The biggest challenge is… How can we get together? Developer Operator
  8. 8. Huawei Bridge between Developers and Operators Individual/Family Ecosystem Enterprise Ecosystem Developer Settlement Payment Operator Platform Help Carrier providing better services to end users, and accelerate the Telcom assets realization Aggregate Service and efficiently help Partners to develop operator customers Industry Ecosystem Market Promotion Service Guarantee Authentication /Integration Settlement/Pay ment Signing & Authentication Platform User Management Platform Service on-boarding Platform (Develop/Test/Experience/ On-boarding) Promotion Platform (iMOST) Experience Guarantee Platform (Service Care) Capability Openness Platform Data Analysis Platform Digital Music Mobile Game Digital Video M2M Long-Tail Business Internet Traffic Management Aggregation Promotion Realization Huawei Intouch portal offer to developers enabler solutions that help them to access globally operators smoothly and build the partnership ecosystem efficiently.
  9. 9. Tawasol IT ( Mobile App Development) UAE – KSA – Kuwait – Egypt – Bahrain – Qatar – USA – UK - Spain w w w . t a w a s o l i t . c o m Thank You