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Wei Lin, VP Engineering Telesign: Jobs, Women in CS/IT Identity Security

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Wei Lin, VP Engineering Telesign: Jobs, Women in CS/IT Identity Security

Telesign's VP of Engineering Wei Lin presented to the Colorado School of Mines about women in the software industry and how to protect your identity in the ever-changing world.

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Wei Lin, VP Engineering Telesign: Jobs, Women in CS/IT Identity Security

  1. 1. Jobs, Women in CS/IT Identity Security Wei Sophie Lin, Ph.D. Vice President, Engineering TeleSign
  2. 2. Agenda Jobs in CS/IT1 Women in CS/IT2 My Personal Journey3 Prepare For Your Journey4 Identity-based Security5
  3. 3. Jobs in CS/IT
  4. 4. Edit Subtitle Insert Headline Academia • Research • Teaching • IT Backoffice Industry • Hardware • Software • Data Science • Product Management • Program Management • Information Management • UX/UI
  5. 5. Hardware Circuit boards, routers, memory devices, IoT devices Software The sky is the limit Data Science Data Scientist Data Engineering Database Administrator Design, implement, and maintain database system Jobs in Industry Hardcore
  6. 6. Product Manager Business focused Program Manager Project management UI Engineer UI design and development Customer Support Support customers Jobs in Industry Other
  7. 7. Women in CS/IT
  8. 8. Gender Diversity Increases Creativities and Innovation *McKinsey, Forbes
  9. 9. *Published by NCWIT on April 21st, 2020
  10. 10. You Are the Future Change the world Make an impact
  11. 11. My Personal Journey
  12. 12. How Did I Get Where I Am Now? B.S. Medical Engineering (Fu Dan Univ) Ph.D. Medical Imaging (Paris- Sud Univ) Post-Doctoral Fellow (McGill Univ) Software Engineer/Mana ger (Leco) Sr. Software Engineer/Group Leader (CAE) Manager/Sr. Director (Symantec) Lecturer (CPP) Vice President (TeleSign)
  13. 13. Prepare For Your Journey
  14. 14. PLAN Know what you want Ask yourself what is your passion?1 Discover what is out there Attend conferences, trade shows, job fairs2 Network Go to meetups, networking events3 Seek advice Talk to someone who has been in the field, your school’s advisors, your family 4 Plan, plan, and plan Set your goal(s) Determine your timeframe Construct your plan 5
  15. 15. Build your technical foundation and your soft skills Study, Practice, Be Curious, Be Creative Be a sponge Learn as much as you can Get an internship See the real world Ask “why”? Have an inquisitive mind Think outside the box Try doing things differently
  16. 16. Identity-based security is an approach to control access to a digital product or service based on the authenticated identity of an individual. Let’s dive into one topic: Account Take Over (ATO) IDENTITY-BASED SECURITY
  17. 17. What is Account Takeover? What: gain access and control over a user account Why: commit fraud How: manual or automated using stolen credentials
  18. 18. ATO Infography https://nudatasecurity.com/account-takeover-infographic/ THREAT LANDSCAPE
  19. 19. SOLUTIONS Add Two-Factor Authentication Prevent Account Takeover Streamline Account Registration Reduce Fake Accounts
  20. 20. CONTACT US 13274 Fiji Way #600, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 (800) 850-3485 contact@telesign.com www.telesign.com