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Mobiili uusien kohtaamisten mahdollistajana

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Puheenvuoro Flocklerin ja Tietotalon yhteisessä digitaalisten asiakaskohtaamisten aamuaisella Cafe Ekbergissä pe 13.5.2016 klo 8:30–11:30.

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Mobiili uusien kohtaamisten mahdollistajana

  1. 1. smarter customer experiences www.liki.io
  2. 2. Liki.io is a mobile engagement platform for companies looking for a solid solution with which to build smart digital services, increased customer loyalty and personalized location aware communications.
  3. 3. Liki.io has changed customer experiences in Matka – Nordic Travel Fair, The Moominworld theme park and Rovio Angry Birds shop. Liki.io platform in use The Finnish Fair Corporation
  4. 4. Conversion starts with showing the right message to the right customers, at the right time. Studies have shown that behavior aware targeting can give up to +300% boost to relative contribution to sales per visitor compared to classical segmented merchandising. * It is all about behavior and interests. * Studies by Avail
  5. 5. Does behavior really matter?
  6. 6. Proximity based targeting counts. 54% Average conversion rate in proximity based mobile allotments in the Nordic Travel Fair 2015. 73% User registration rate in a mobile app offering discount coupons. 50%+ People who receive a personalized proximity based messages walk into the venue.* * Study by Kontakt.io & Howler
  7. 7. The Liki Fair application works as a personal guide. It offers personalized content based on your profile and interests and allows you to plan your visit in advance. Liki.io Fairs notifies whenever a program of your interest is about to begin or you are close to an interesting exhibitor. Visitors are also able to collect digital coupons and take part in the exhibitors digital lotteries. Enhancing real life experience with digital
  8. 8. All the content of the Nordic Travel Fair 2015 app was managed in Liki.io platform and therefore organizers were able to change or schedule any content on the fly. Ease of use, ease of management
  9. 9. 9 Liki.io does not only transfer the user experience and loyalty program into the digital era but it also collects loads of visitor data for analytics. This rich data can be used to analyze customer experience, visitor paths and interactions with your services and products. Fundamentally, it helps you optimize your in-store conversion.
  10. 10. Positioning What we learned about beacon support - We are 60% of water - People block signals - Interference and reflection happen Hardware variation - Myriad of phone models each having a unique Bluetooth antenna and processor capacity - Platform differences Check & Remind - Check settings and permissions - Keep reminding nicely ~20% used beacon support even though the app didn’t guide people to do that
  11. 11. The Moominworld theme park has the biggest beacon implementation in Finland. The Moomin-app is a visitors guide to Moominworld and it enriches the visit for the whole family.
  12. 12. Each beacon in the theme park has it's own function in the path of the visitor. Beacons offer additional information, fun facts and launch discount coupons in restaurants and shops. Fluent interaction and sales activation
  13. 13. Liki.io Watch the case video and see how Liki.io works in Moominworld Click to watch the case video
  14. 14. Liki.io make stores come alive in many ways. Rovio uses Liki.io to tell the stories behind the Stella Angry Birds characters. Liki.io Presenter application recognizes the movement of any plush toy and changes the lights, sounds and screen content based on the toy that moves.
  15. 15. Liki.io Watch the video and see Liki.io Presenter in action Click to watch the case video
  16. 16. Liki.io Want to know more? Give us a call. Jarno Malaprade Tel. +358 40 546 1110 Email: jarno@liki.io Jari Auranen Tel. +358 40 540 6612 Email: jari@liki.io