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Social Media for Business


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Social Media for Business

  1. 1. Understanding Social Media and Business Jason Silverstein
  2. 2. Internet: Pace of Change
  3. 3. Behavior Changes
  4. 4. News
  5. 5. Banking
  6. 6. Disintermediation
  7. 7. Social Media
  8. 8. What’s in a community?
  9. 9. Different Personalities (and Audiences)
  10. 10. Tip: Stats a Good Start* • Facebook has over 250 million users with an average of 120 friends/user. • YouTube users upload 20 hours’ worth of video every minute. • Twitter grew by 8 million users in Sept. 2009. * http://econsultancy.com/blog/4327-20-+-mind-blowing-social-media-statistics * http://www.web-strategist.com/blog/2009/01/11/a-collection-of-soical-network-stats-for-2009/
  11. 11. Tip: start in the Mirror
  12. 12. More General Tips • “Listen” first. • Be conversational - you’re not a robot. • Don’t sell, advise. • Do associate your brand. • Don’t automate or share only PR • Be consistent!
  13. 13. Also seek “like minds
  14. 14. Tip: Define Success as you Transition to Biz • Is it saving money on customer service? • Is it easier newsletters? • Is it marketing more efficiently? • Very few making profit off social media, but it’s not only about revenue
  15. 15. Facebook Examples/Tips
  16. 16. Twitter Tips Twitter Examples /Tips
  17. 17. Other SM Examples
  18. 18. Last Thoughts • Start with personal accounts • Listen, find others in same space • Be consistent • Define success as you start biz acct • Be ok to change your definition • Iterate and have fun!
  19. 19. What else do you want to chat about?

Notes de l'éditeur

  • Pace of Change
    The pace of change in information and supporting technologies today -- across industries and geographies -- is nothing short of an industrial revolution.
  • New generation learning new behaviors. Information available anytime, anywhere. Expectations of immediacy.
  • ABC says sales at their lowest rate since the 40s... but more people actually read the news. Ad sales down around 30 percent year over year, forcing cycle of changes.
  • Over 100 banks have failed this year, yet innovation still occurs -- USAA Federal Savings Banks allows remote deposits... by iPhone.
  • Removal of middlemen requires businesses to be nimble & technical // Customers favor openness
    New costs of business / real & imagined; Information increases competition. New biz models must occur.
  • Part of the new direct connections -- social media. “Social media are primarily Internet- and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings...” - Wikipedia
    I’ve found additional qualifiers • Can be product or feature • Anonymous vs. Verifiable • General and/or Targeted • Business and/or Consumer • Typically “unicast” vs. “broadcast”
  • Same thing that’s offline. Online Communities are People Social and online media best practices are built on familiar offline principles of basic human interactions. Making Interactions Trustworthy
  • Different information & presentation • Known Associations • Context understood • Appears more credible (trust?) • Contact information available
  • “Fish where the fish are...” first.
  • Get your own personal accounts. Get test accounts. Connect with each other in this room. All successful on- or off-line conversations should be: • Authentic • Verifiable • Relevant. Facebook is a great place to learn this.
  • Find communities with like interests... you’ll be more interested, and see why the technology helps communities. Plus, you’ll learn.
  • Success for Today’s Discussion • Each person/company must define success • Influence (one measure) • Can you shape the thinking of your customers / fans / audience? • Engagement (one measure) • Can you be a “real” person? (accountability) • Are you increasing customer interaction(s)? Sales? Etc.?
  • Canon, Nikon. Skittles.
  • Instant feedback. Timely deals. Direct communication.
  • FedEx/Memphis & Ketchum • PR rep on way to FedEx visit • Updates Twitter with Memphis remark • FedEx finds, takes offense to update • Irony: PR rep to discuss social media • Lessons: 1) It’s easy to listen/be heard & 2) Professional / Personal
    AdAge’s Marketer of the Year
    LASIK • Our dev manager updated status • Included LASIK • Replies back from unconnected people • Lesson: Mine data for your use, add value
    Dell Blog