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Employer Branding Presentation

  1. Employer Branding Presented by: Jason Bahamundi January 14, 2016
  2. About Me • DMNmedia is the marketing solutions group for The Dallas Morning News • Account Executive for DMNmedia specializing in Recruitment Marketing • Endurance Athlete – Blogger at Cook Train Eat Race – Brand Ambassador for FlapJacked 2
  3. What I’ll Cover • Definition of Employer Branding • How To Develop An Employer Brand • Enhancing An Employer Brand 3
  4. Who Is This? 4
  5. How About This Company? 5
  6. Can You Identify This Company? 6
  7. 7 What Does This Logo Stand-For?
  8. Definition Of Employer Branding • Employer branding is the process of  promoting a company, or an  organization, as the employer of  choice to a desired target group, one  which a company needs and wants to  recruit and retain. • Employer brand is "the image of  your organization as a ‘great place to  work’ in the mind of current  employees and key stakeholders in  the external market (active and  passive candidates, clients,  customers and other key  stakeholders). 8
  9. How To Develop An Employer Brand • It starts within the company and  expands to the outside world via  employees with a consistent and  continuously shaped message. • Is there an Encompass  recruitment tagline or vision  statement that each candidate  hears upon the first contact all  the way through to hire? • Ways To Develop – Tagline – Email Signature – Content Marketing • Social Media • Video – Marketing Materials • Direct Mail • Flyers • Promotional Items 9
  10. How Do You Enhance Your Employer Brand? • Who Are The Leaders Of The Company – How do they lead? What is their style? • Values & Beliefs – How does the company impact their clients’ lives? • Current Employees ‘On Display’ – Who will a candidate be working with? • Unique Value Proposition – Why should they work for the company? – How will this UVP affect them AND their social circle? • Fun Factor – How does the company create team chemistry? Example> Top 100 Picture on 10
  11. Thank You! 11 Jason Bahamundi Account Executive 214.977.7859 | office 214.356.6656 | mobile LinkedIn