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Salesforce Founder & CEO Marc Benioff on the importance of philanthropy: make your company great by giving back to the community and improving the world

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From the 2015 LAUNCH Festival! An inspiring fireside chat with Marc Benioff, CEO/Founder of Salesforce and one of the great leaders of our time. Talking to Adam Lashinsky of Fortune, Marc focuses on the incredible importance of philanthropy and why companies need to give back to their communities and improve the state of the world. Marc shares his personal journey in philanthropy, starting when Colin Powell invited him to the 1997 America's Promise conference, to creating Salesforce & its 1-1-1 policy: dedicating 1% equity, 1% profit, and 1% employee time to giving back. Marc's key advice to entrepreneurs: the intentions you set for your companies right now are going to result is what your company becomes; clarity and vision are key, right from the start. Join us!

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