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Facebook retrospective

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The 'Facebook' retrospective I used for one of my teams recently...

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Facebook retrospective

  1. 1. retrospective
  2. 2. Retrospectives are a crucial part of Scrum.
  3. 3. But... running the standard ‘3 questions’* setup can get boring.* what went well, what went bad, what should we improve
  4. 4. There are books about how todo retrospectives.
  5. 5. Here is a retrospective form I designed myself. I callit the “Facebook” retrospective.
  6. 6. Setup
  7. 7. My retrospectives are always timeboxed to onehour.
  8. 8. I always start with an energizer/ice breaker, to geteveryone active and set the mood.
  9. 9. After the energizer, I start with the actualretrospective.
  10. 10. Like or Dislike
  11. 11. For the Facebook retrospective, I printed outdifferent elements of our Scrum process on A4paper.
  12. 12. Examples of these elements are: standup, demo,sprint planning, JIRA, team communication etc. Therewere 12 different topics.
  13. 13. Each of the pieces of paperhad the topic written on it and two columns: Like and Dislike.
  14. 14. I introduced each of these topics briefly, so everyoneunderstood what I meant with them.
  15. 15. Next, I asked everyone to get up and walk over towall with the cards on it. Everyone had to decide ifthey ‘liked’ or disliked the topic on each card byputting their name in one of the columns.
  16. 16. After everyone was done, I added up the likes andthe dislikes seperately.There turned to be two groups of cards:
  17. 17. Group 1Those where the team seemed to agree.
  18. 18. Group 2 Those where theteam seemed to disagree.
  19. 19. Define actions
  20. 20. After discussing the results, we focused on thosewhere we disagreed.
  21. 21. Everyone took some post-its and wrote downactions for each of the topics where the team‘disagreed’.
  22. 22. A lot of the actions overlapped, so the total amountof actions turned out to be limited. We decided totake them all into the next sprint.
  23. 23. Retro o’ retro
  24. 24. As always, we closed the retrospective with a smallretrospective on the retrospective itself.
  25. 25. Suggestions for improvement coming out of theretrospective on the retrospective:
  26. 26. 1. People found having only Like and Dislike quitelimited. They suggested to add up a ‘neutral’ field.(Allowing people not to pick any option would beanother solution.)
  27. 27. 2. The team suggested to add a number of cardswithout predefined topics, so they add their own.
  28. 28. Time planningEnergizer 5 minExplanation 5 minChoose Like or Dislike 10 minDiscuss outcome 10 minWrite down actions 10 minDiscuss actions 10 minRetro 5 minEnd session 5 min
  29. 29. Did you like this retrospective setup? Try it out foryourself and let me know how it went!
  30. 30. I am Jasper Verdooren,founder of Sygmoid.Find me at www.sygmoid.nl about.me/jasperverdooren www.slideshare.com/jasperverdooren www.linkedin.com/in/jasperverdooren jasper.verdooren@sygmoid.nl
  31. 31. ‣Scrum Master Founded Sygmoid ‣Team lead PO ‣Consultancy‣Product Owner ‣ Scrum trainer‣Team lead PO ‣Training & coaching‣Scrum trainer ‣Software development2007-2010 2010-2011 2011
  32. 32. Thank you for your attention!Questions? Comments? Let me know!