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Broadband & Digital Lifestyle - Telkomsel Perspective - December 2010

  1. Broadband Digital Lifestyle Industry & Business Perspective December, 2010 TELKOMSEL
  2. • Don’t focus on your customer – Engage them to co-innovate your services • Don’t create products & services – Create consumer experiences, enrich them by adding value
  3. The facts • Mobile broadband growth has exceeded expectations, but comparable profits have yet to emerge. • Data usage is extremely high (2 petabyte / month) – huge cost and 82.51% data payload is coming through unlimited package • Mobile netters are mainly Browsing, Gaming, Downloading, Social Networking and Chatting – Internet jungle offers everything mostly for free or piracy • Customer choose affordable data enabled handsets (one available for Rp. 600k and GRPS ready) – 80% of new handset sold are already data ready • Content & Application has becoming more popular than ever - 15% contributing from TELKOMSEL operating revenue • Broadband has becoming a commodity to fulfill people needs in digital lifestyle culture – customer demand increases, but with low willingness to pay
  4. INDONESIA in a glance… 80% mobile ownership within age Indonesians are the most prolific users of social 8-24 year old group. The highest media: level in the region. • 31 million facebook users – 2nd largest after US • Highest Twitter penetration rate worldwide (20.8% or 1-to-5) • 2nd largest total users of Opera mobile browser • World highest mobile browsing intensity, 661 pages per month/person • The largest BlackBerry Users in the region (1.3 million) • 5th Largest Internet Market in Asia (after China, Japan, India and South Korea) Data ComScore, Opera, Fixed Fixed Cellular Wireline Wireless Broadband ± 8.7 mn ± 29 mn ± 2.5 mn ± 170 mn Total Industry Penetration Penetration Penetration Prepaid cards 97.5% 16% 2% 71% Postpaid cards 2.5% Note : Indonesia population around 238 million Source: Telkom Internal market research - as of September 30, 2009 `
  5. TELKOMSEL dynamics 25 Million Unique Users download & subscribe to MOBILE GAMES, MUSIC, INFO..etc subscriber base 95mio 7 million active 500 Million P2P SMSes transacted DAILY Psst: More than our next two competitors added up.. visitors 2 Petabyte data usage / month 7 Million chargeable CONTENT-SMSes purchased DAILY 500k BlackBerry Active Users 16 Million high-end 3G Devices 600k downloads daily NSP RBT is 87% of total music Industry 15 Million Data Users The most complete Social Networking Service and Device Manufacture Access Share 100% Chatting product line ups 90% 1,000 Games on deck 80% Mobile WEB usage 70% 56% 57% 55% 52% 6% 2% 19% Nokia 60% 20% SonyEricsson 50% Nexian <18 40% Samsung 18-27 20% 20% RIM 28-37 23% 21% 30% 3% Other 38-47 3% 20% 3% 3% >48 10% 18% 21% 15% 16% 0% 53% Feb Mar Apr May Data from – June 2010 Data from AdMob Mobile Metrics – May 2010
  6. The monetization model Pricing Strategy and New Business Models Reverses the Decline in Profitability We need to identify the winning value proposition for each market segment Devices Corporate M-Ads Content New models: •Broadband Content Subscription/Purchase Model • Video, Games, Music, etc •Feature Phone with a set of application • Video, Game, Soccer phone •Mobile Advertising Fair-use schemes have been applied. In •Ad-funded mobile news paper Telkomsel 82.51% of data payload is •Mobile Data Premium consumed within Unlimited Package. • Video Premium Data • Personal Tools (part of cloud computing) • Secure storage, Address Book, Calendar “Mobile data traffic is derived by digitization, personalization, and virtualization. Mobile technology in the future will be user-centric and integrated, not application-centric, people will store data centrally and access it through multiple screens” Obermann – CEO Deutsche Telecom (CTIA – March 2010)
  7. Lessons Learnt and Strategic Paces must be taken The pyramid Focus in 2011 Building Blocks – 3 Strategic Focuses Enlarge the Industry Service Leadership Commercial Viability Basic Principles Going to the bottom of the pyramid Business Pricing Marketing Model Niche & Sachet Market Evolvement of Multiparties Effective Marketing
  8. The organization Resources focus towards new businesses John Kotter – Our Iceberg Is Melting: “We believe strongly that the world need much more We need to transform… action from a broader range of people – action that is informed, committed and inspired – to help us all in Discipline and Competency focuses are an era of increasing change.” transforming into End-to-End perspective. TRIGGERS CHALLENGES RESULTS New Perception New Business Processes New Product & Services New Description New Competencies New Pricing Scheme New Re-Action New Job Descriptions New Profitability Rate New Expectation New Target New Competition New Levels of Achievement New Audit & Compliance levels New Quality of Services New Core and Mediation Technology New Marketing and Promotion New Legal & IPR aspects
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