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Chapter 3 three roles of a customer

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Chapter 3 three roles of a customer

  1. 1. Chapter 2 user payer buyer Three Roles of a Customer: User, Payer, Buyer user payer buyer
  2. 2. Jay Ann M. Barrientos (first reporter)
  3. 3. Types of Role Specialization • User is Neither Payer nor Buyer • User is Payer But Not Buyer • User is Buyer But Not Payer Role Specialization - Different individuals or groups may carry out one or more of the three roles.
  4. 4. User is Neither Payer nor Buyer user buyer payer
  5. 5. User is Payer But Not Buyer user and payer buyer
  6. 6. User is Buyer But Not Payer buyer and user payer
  7. 7. Reasons for Role Specialization Lack of Expertise Lack of Time
  8. 8. Jocelyn S. Avenido (second reporter) continua
  9. 9. Lack of buying power Lack of access Lack of affordability
  10. 10. When the product is subsidized by payers When the product is free
  11. 11. Customer Needs And Wants • Need is an unsatisfactory condition of the customer that leads him or her to an action that will make that condition better. • Want is a desire to obtain more satisfaction than is absolutely necessary to improve an unsatisfactory condition. The Distinction between Needs And Wants
  12. 12. Determinants of Needs A persons needs are determined by 2 factors: the individual himself or herself and the person’s environment. These determinants have to do with the physical characteristics of individuals and the environment , rather than with the social and institutional context.
  13. 13. Personal Characteristics Genetics: allergies Biogenics: sign of aging
  14. 14. Psychogenics
  15. 15. Allan Cons Albano (last reporter) continua
  16. 16. Physical Characteristics of the Environmen •CLIMATE- the climate of customer environment includes condition such as temperature , altitude and rainfall. •Topography-of geography area is refers to the physical condition of the location o earth •Ecology –the third characteristic of the environment that has a significant influence on customer needs is ecology
  17. 17. The Individual Context Personal worth- refers to the financial resources available to a customers Institutional context-it refers to the group and organizations a person belongs to and it includes the workplace , religious and educational institution Cultural context – culture influence on customers is pervasive for culture shape everything we do desire or become
  18. 18. The Environment Context Technology – is the man-made inventions and devices used to sustain , facilitate , and enhance human life and activities Public policy – is government or societal law and athat control human Behavior
  19. 19. Impact of the Determinants 1. Needs-driven markets. 2. Personal wants and environmental 3.Personal needs and environmental wants 4. Wants –driven markets.
  20. 20. The End. Have a great day!