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Timeline of Rough Trade
Rough Trade shop opened, 20th February
1976. Geoff Travis, the founder. Kensington                ...
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Timeline of rough trade

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Timeline of rough trade

  1. 1. Timeline of Rough Trade Rough Trade shop opened, 20th February 1976. Geoff Travis, the founder. Kensington 1976- Alliance with Reggae Park, Ladbroke Grove Road genre to sell Reggae songs. January 1977- Buzzcocks were one of 1977- Richard Scott became the distributer for Rough the first bands with Rough trade. Trade, trying to create an international distribution link. February 1979- Stiff Little Fingers reached #14 in 1978- First Single produced by Rough Trade records singles chart selling 100,000 copies. The album ‘Rough label was from French Punk band, Metal Urbaine. one’ got lots of revenue enabling a good cash flow to produce more bands. 1979- The Specials sell 375,000 singles for Rough Trade creating lots of revenue for Rough Trade to work with. 1980- New Direction, Black American Pop Genre. New accommodation to bigger warehouse 1981- Robert Wyatt’s song Team Building reached #36 in charts, War Song. 1982-Financial Difficulties left Rough Trade hiring their first accountant. 1982- Shop was sold due to cut backs. 1983- Rift between Geoff Travis and Richard Scott saw Rough Trade disagree on where the money is April 1983-The Smiths signed to Rough Trade, funded to, either distribution or producing conventional contract that stated that The Smiths would have to make four albums. The Smiths left and signed with EMI after 3 albums. Revenue of sales were used to promote more bands, The Sundays. March 1991- 2/3 staff were axed, axing was not enough.... June 1991- Rough Trade Seized Trading. 1992-Geoff Travis and Jeannette Lee decided to try and revive Rough Trade. 1993-Pulp was introduced by Rough Trade, debut single reached #2 in charts ‘Common People’. Pulp followed up debut with five consecutive top tens. 2000-The Strokes were introduced, following Pulp in the success, the platform that showed Rough Trades reestablishment. 2007-Duffy gave Rough Trade their first number 1 single with ‘Mercy’ 2010- ?