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4 Steps To A Happy Startup
4 Steps To A Happy Startup
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  1. 1. How to unleash your business potential... The Trailblazers Roadmap
  2. 2. I believe we are living through a unique time in history where the rapid development of technology and globalization has made it easy for us to live lives with more money, meaning and freedom. Social and technological innovations are making it safer, more accessible and more profitable than ever to own your own business. The opportunity to align your desires with profitable work is greater than most of us dare to believe. Yet there is a paradox to navigate; a low bar of entry into the business arena (hence all the noise) and a high bar for success. The conventional maps of success no longer work. Extraordinary business wins and that takes extraordinary leadership. I believe in better business for a better world. New ways of thinking in the digital age that recognize the speed of change and the interconnectivity of technology. Whether you choose to fight the changes or embrace them is up to you. The opportunities of today won’t last forever. Some of us are being called into the new paradigm, to break new ground in business and leadership,. We are the individuals who are willing to blaze a new trail… We are the leaders who are ready to inspire new ways of working, have a meaningful and sustainable impact in our world and we’re developing hugely profitable businesses along the way. Are you one of us? Are you a TRAILBLAZER? Read on and find out…
  4. 4. Acknowledge your passion What sets your world on fire? You know it when you feel it. That sense of aliveness that truly gets you moving, the thing you can’t NOT do, otherwise you won’t consider your life to have been well lived. That’s the thing you MUST do. You know it’s inevitable... right?
  5. 5. What are you listening to? Slow down and listen. Listen to yourself, listen to others and listen to the world. Listening is the doorway to everything that matters. Listen to awaken your heart and stay in presence with all that is beyond your awareness. Deepen your relationships with the things that matter. Listen deeply
  6. 6. Disrupt yourself What is calling for a transformation? You will be aware of something that wants to change. To get you out of the box of your habitual behaviors and to journey beyond your learning edge. Strap on your courage, acknowledge what wants to happen and leap into the unknown - after all that’s where the magic happens.
  7. 7. What is your purpose, cause or belief? Knowing your why unlocks a powerful energy in your life. It inspires you to get out of bed in the morning to live the life you truly want to live, to become the person you want to be and to make a real, honest to good difference in the world. Uncover your why
  8. 8. Know what you stand for What matters most to you? For you to be at your most powerful you need to live in alignment with what matters most. You need to lean into your edges about expressing yourself fully within the world. Be bold. Cultivate your courage and always be prepared to live by your own highest standards of integrity.
  9. 9. Be extraordinary What is uniquely you? There is an energy, a life force that wants to be expressed through you and only you. It reveals itself in your unique strengths, your passions and the things you do with incredible ease and flow. You have a unique contribution to bring to the world and the world needs you. We need you to come out from behind yourself and be YOU. Nothing more, nothing less. The world is waiting.
  10. 10. Step up and lead Why should anyone be led by you? Everyone is a leader. The energy of your natural leadership lies within, it remains there waiting to be rediscovered, no matter how much your light may have faded over the years. Finding it requires a process of unlearning, of reconnecting to your very core. It is calling to you, to develop your presence. Now is the time to define your vision and your strategy for life and lead your day from this place.
  11. 11. Open your heart What prevents you from opening? We have all faced challenging situations that shook us to our very core, and caused us to contract away from the pain. A closed heart doesn’t inspire. Who we were yesterday does not have to be who we choose to be today. Open your heart anyway. Share the love and notice the difference when you open fully to your life, your relationships and your business.
  12. 12. Write your manifesto What will you take a stand for? We all want to know what you are passionate about, what drives you? What is your deeper why? We want to know if you resonate for us. Take some time and define your manifesto, your reason for being and ultimately why people should do business with you. We want a compelling reason to stand beside you, to believe what you believe.
  13. 13. Drive for excellence Where can you be extraordinary? All it takes to go from ordinary to extraordinary is a little extra… what’s yours? Don’t settle for anything less than excellence. Excellence in business and excellence in life. Believe in yourself to align with excellence, to make it possible for everyone to benefit from the best you have - if they’re interested.
  14. 14. Overcome your fears What scares you the most? Learn to live without the fear of failing, it will only hold you back and keep you stuck in a place too small. Notice your fears. Acknowledge the positive contribution they bring to you. Honor your needs, then strap on your courage and do the thing you’re most scared of anyway.
  15. 15. Be radical, real and resonant What resonates for you? Resonance teaches us from the inside out, to learn from our mistakes, to constantly improve and strive forward. It calls us to engage and inspire, to stimulate conversations and challenge the world we live in. It’s not enough to hold the knowledge we must live into it’s wisdom.
  17. 17. What do you desire the most? You are at the very core of your life and business. Who you are becoming as a leader defines the quality of your success. Come home to yourself at your very core. Get clear on what you want. Write it down. Co-create your own destiny. Define what you want
  18. 18. Live by your own rules How ready are you to live the life you want to live? Unlock your energetic intelligence. Develop your personal presence and design a life and business that fully expresses your passion to make a difference in the world. Align and integrate life and business. Build momentum.
  19. 19. Focus on what matters most What is non-negotiable? Your network and quality of connections are mission-critical in today’s highly connected world. Optimize your brand in the digital space. Learn to open fully in dialogue with your business and tribe. Redefine your business, career and life in relationship with what matters most.
  20. 20. Who cares? What do your customers care about? Take the pulse of your market regularly. You need to know what they want and need and how they are impacted by the changing landscape of life and business. What are they seeking? Who are they listening to? What will it take for them to turn to you as a trusted advisor?
  21. 21. Exclusive price What are you worth? It feels like a personal question doesn’t it? And it’s not. It’s a business question. It’s not what you think that matters it’s what your customers are prepared to pay. They will only pay for the value they perceive so ensure you are clearly communicating your value so you can charge effectively. Value > Price > Cost = Success
  22. 22. Deliver incredible value How can you add incredible value? Customers want to emotionally connect with you, they are wired for a great experience. Forget Business to Consumer your business needs to be Human to Human. How are you intentionally moving people through your buying experience so they really understand your incredible value?
  23. 23. Accelerate your speed of implementation What do you need to do or stop doing? JFDI. Tackle the tough challenges, address real issues as they arise and get better results faster by committing to implementation and course correcting as you go. Speed of implementation is the only competitive advantage left in today’s market.
  24. 24. Open for business How easy is it to do business with you? Navigating today’s business landscape can be challenging for the most savvy consumer. There is so much noise in the marketplace you need to stand out and make it incredibly easy for someone to do business with you. Define the ease of flow for your customer experience including high touch points for before, during and after the sale. Find the irritations from the customer perspective and remove them.
  25. 25. Take a stand for their success What will show your customers you care? It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, you need to care for your customers and make their success your success. Help them to find new ways to improve their personal effectiveness, deepen their relationships and manage greater complexity. New business tools that move and inspire people, stories that inspire growth and build community around your brand.
  26. 26. Develop the intelligence of your business What does your business want from you? Listen deeply to your business and allow the work to emerge through you. Be the artist, the creator, the alchemist and build your body of work as your contribution to the world. Awaken the deep untapped intelligence of your business.
  27. 27. Disrupt and innovate What is the dent for you to make in the Universe? Digital technology is rapidly changing the business environment and you need to make a choice; to embrace disruptive innovation or be disrupted yourself. Be the creative force in your market and secure your competitive advantage by innovating faster than anyone else.
  28. 28. Fail faster How can you learn from your mistakes? Failure is not an option in today’s rapidly changing marketplace it is an essential tool. Know this and don’t let it hold you back. The faster you fail and learn the faster you will know what it takes to succeed. Simple really.
  30. 30. Start a movement What moves you? People want a new kind of relationship with the leaders and companies they work with. They want to be active participants and co-creators instead of passive recipients. New models of business are emerging that focus on dialogue rather than monologue. Build your business as one that listens deeply to your tribe, with the capacity to not only communicate but forge quality relationships, building grass roots movements online and offline.
  31. 31. Leverage technology How can digital technologies expand your impact? Inspire a deeper conversation in business to engage people who are consciously connected and digitally empowered to make a difference in our changing world.
  32. 32. Build systems and structures What structures can take the stress of your shoulders? Structure = freedom. Seriously. You need clearly defined structures and systems to take the stress off your shoulders so you can be free to do your best work. A framework of essential steps ensures consistent levels of excellent service reach your customers every time, without fail.
  33. 33. Align to one operating system What is your B.O.S.S? (Business Operating Structure & System) Just one clearly defined operating system is all you need, completely aligned with your vision and defining shared responsibility for every team member. Just one.
  34. 34. Celebrate your victories How much progress have you made? Define the metrics that will show your tangible progress over time. Evaluate your ability to inspire and be inspired, your impact (breadth and depth) and your income. Build your own personal confidence through mastering the art of visible progress.
  35. 35. Collaborate Who do you want to co-create with? Now is a time of deep collaboration and cross-pollination in order to innovate and evolve . The most successful companies are open to collaboration. Be willing to share your best knowledge, your best ideas and bring the best of yourself to the table.
  36. 36. Continuously evolve How much do you invest in your own personal growth? Show up, reach out, communicate and transform. Change the landscape and redefine your industry. Break the rules. Learn constantly. Let’s support each other in our individual and collective evolution.
  37. 37. Lead the field How can you inspire others? Express your passion in everything you do. Allow your light to shine brightly, lift people up, ignite their energy. Help others to fall in love with life again. Help them find the shared passion to connect the dots and live their dreams.
  38. 38. Go global How big an impact do you want? It has never been easier to have a global impact as it is today. It is possible for you to transcend international borders and build a platform of influence so diverse it reaches all corners of the globe. What are you waiting for? Go global
  39. 39. Spread happiness What brings you joy? Life is too short to be unhappy. Enjoy yourself. Spread positive energy wherever you go. Remind yourself to breathe deeply and appreciate the moment. After all, living in the moment could be the meaning of life.
  40. 40. Make a positive contribution What breakthrough is calling you forth? Be proud to be human, full of energetic potential. Stay grounded and connected in your humanity. Have the self honesty to admit when you’re wrong and the courage to change. Your freedom lies in your ability to break through limitations both real and perceived. Liberate yourself first. Liberate humanity
  41. 41. Leave a legacy you can be proud of What will be your long term impact? This is the million dollar question, the answer defines your purpose, your reason for being and doing what you do. This is your why that lies just beneath the surface of your awareness, outside of your comfort zone. You know the thing, it scares you. If it doesn’t scare you it’s not your true legacy. This is the stuff of your dreams, long forgotten, the things that will really make your life worth living. This is your true calling. It takes commitment and dedication to walk this path… Are you ready to not only define but LIVE your legacy?
  42. 42. Are you willing to be amazed by what we could create together? Imagine yourself at the edge. You want to walk forward but can’t see how to make this happen. You are stuck at the edge of what you know, sensing that your success lies just beyond the horizon. I don’t believe you need to worry about the edges. They are literally everywhere in today’s business environment. All you need is a map to take you to the next level and a little courage to take the first step. If my message resonates with you, I am interested in exploring how I can make an extraordinary difference to your life and business. I want to call forth an energy so powerful from deep within you that nothing will stop you. How can I help you transform your life and business? Call 407 259 2412 or email Jayne@JayneWarrilow.com and let’s talk. No hard sell. I’m as interested as you to see if we’re a good fit. Trailblazers…
  43. 43. “Supporting fellow world changing visionaries to lead from the inside out…” Jayne Warrilow is the real-deal. She walks her talk of being authentic, being passionate about a more loving world and supporting fellow world-changing visionaries to operate and lead from the inside out. Jayne is a charismatic speaker and thought leader who holds the attention of very senior leaders who are already changing the world in grand and practical ways. If you are a world-changing visionary or leader - you will be well served by hiring Jayne to coach, speak, lead a global initiative or all of the above, for your organization. www.PeterJReding.com Peter J. Reding, Founder and Executive Coach
  44. 44. “She will not let you settle for the status quo…” Simply put, Jayne Warrilow is brilliant. I meet tons of coaches who are annoying echoes. Jayne, in my opinion is an original voice who listens, connects, nudges you to get out of your way and will not let you settle for the status quo. She has the substance, the class, and insight to help executives in the C-Suite and everyday people shift their thinking and change their behaviors forever. My life and business is doing so much better now that I have refocused my vision and followed Jayne's advice. She has left a brilliant imprint on me and for that I am ever grateful. www.simontbailey.com Simon T. Bailey, Executive Advisor, Career Mentor and Keynote Speaker
  45. 45. “A massive impact on both my professional and personal outlook!” Jayne has had a massive impact on both my professional and personal outlook. Her valuable input and coaching has challenged my thinking and has helped me raise the bar in terms of my own performance. Jayne is very different to other coaches. She is a person who pushes the boundaries, believes that anything is possible and truly inspired me to unlock my potential. Jayne is more than a coach. She is a consultant, mentor and coach. She is extremely challenging but in a very positive way, consistently adding value, open to feedback and truly authentic. If you want a coach who is going to have a dramatic impact on your business and your life then I cannot recommend Jayne enough. www.momentumss.com Pete Evans, Momentum Sales Solutions Ltd
  46. 46. “One of the best business decisions I ever made…” From the moment I interviewed Jayne for an online broadcast, I knew that I had to work with her. My challenge was not how to build a business but rather, how to expand my current one in a skillful way. I wanted to work with someone who had already expanded, and modeled the kinds of changes that I wanted to make. So, the minute I heard Jayne was running the Resonance Project, I purchased my place. I also opted to work with Jayne on a one-to-one basis. This was one of the best business decisions I have made. Each session with Jayne represents a huge shift in the way I experience and perceive my business. She’s given me the edge to define so many grey areas in my business. Each time I have seen results immediately, and have expanded as a result. Each session is like being met by a very dear friend who totally has your back and won’t let you hide from the pieces that are holding you back. She sees things that I don’t see myself, reflects them to me, and as a result, things shift immediately. I would highly recommend Jayne to anyone who is seeking a highly skilled coach and mentor in their business. She is an industry leader of the highest calibre. www.SashaAllenby.com Sasha Allenby, co-author of Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT, author of Write an Evolutionary Self-Help Book
  47. 47. “A strong foundation for my business…” I was fortunate to do coaching with Jayne for a little over a year. It was truly a transformational time in my life. I hired Jayne as my business coach to help me launch my small business and build it from my heart. I was embarking on foreign territory and had a strong desire to succeed, yet was also aware of fears I had on how to make it work. Jayne was an excellent mentor for the business structures and processes I needed to put in place to build a strong foundation for my business.The real gift I received from my coaching was building my personal brand. Jayne is a powerful coach. She can guide those who are edge walkers, finding or creating something that doesn't exist and bringing it to life in the world. If you have a deep calling inside you that you want to answer, Jayne can help you unlock your gifts and live with full resonance www.lightcompass.com Tara Peyerl, The Light Compass
  48. 48. About Jayne Jayne Warrilow is founder of JW International, a global coaching and development company with a focus on resonance as the key driver of individual and organizational success. Jayne specializes in high octane business growth. As a master coach Jayne is passionate about developing leaders and businesses that inspire the human spirit. A natural edge-walker, she has enabled global executives worldwide to take a stand, create radical new rules of business, generate systemic change and transform their leadership for game changing results. Her unique methods have brought the flow of energy from the C-Suites of global corporations to the home offices of solo business owners igniting the charge that leads to business success. And her growing body of work, through her brand “Resonant Coaching” is having a significant impact on the business world as she redefines coaching conversations using the language of resonance to accelerate both coach and client results.