Mobile Future

28 Apr 2013

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Mobile Future

  1. 26 May 2010 picture source: nrf MOBILE FUTURE location & context influences frictionless purchases twitter @johnbatistich
  2. Why do more than 70% of smartphone owners sleep within arms reach of their mobiles?
  3. wall Why would we rather lose our wallet or purse than our mobile?
  4. SO THINK ABOUT…“mobile is the most important technology in your lifetime” kevin bloch cisco
  5. mobile has come a long way over 40 years
  6. mobile disrupts everything: communications, gaming, entertainment, banking & retail
  7. “there will be more change in how consumers shop & pay in the next 3 years than we have seen in the last 20” john donahue ceo ebay
  8. 1. ubiquitous mobile connectivity 2. democratisation of production tools 3. access to higher data speed/more storage technology enabled connectivity 1 billion pcs & 4 billion mobiles location-based services mobile & social payments intelligent vending 3d screens rising transparency & amplification increasing collaboration personalisation acceleration of everything hunger for real shared experiences source: richard watson
  9. takeaways
  10. mobile disrupting behaviour, payment & stores mobile is the big influencer on purchase location profiling matters for contextual content frictionless payment & gifting emerging learning from nike & burberry design for mobile first…learn fast/cheap/first
  11. mobile disrupts behaviour the most powerful influencer on purchases
  12. reach purchaseinfluence understanding channels acquire click & collect click & return buy in-store home delivery in store online in store only web to store store to web online only any owned, bought or earned communication channel(s) share share moments that influence reach
  13. influence in-store purchase in-store eg: groceries/services ~50% influence online purchase in-store eg: apparel/homewares ~44% influence online purchase online eg: music/books/travel ~5% influence in-store purchase online eg: consumer electronics/footwear ~1% total retail: influence and purchase
  14. customers have gone beyond multi-channel. they shop their way in authentic experiences across your brand across any device anytime ian jindal internet retailing uk
  15. acquiring using & sharing how does a customer become aware with your products or services? how do they gain inspiration? how does a customer gain knowledge about our products and those of your competitors? where do they go to learn and compare? how does a customer transact with your company? what are the dynamics of the purchase process? how does a customer take delivery of our product or service? what are logistics of getting it? how does a customer use our product in daily life? what do they have to do to take advantage of its benefits? what are the components of the in-use experience? how does a customer interact with our company post purchase? what are the interactions that promote loyalty and advocacy rather than frustration and rejection? buying find relationship (if you want it!) discovery a mobile enabled shopper journey
  16. new paths have multi-screen touchpoints
  17. 17.9% 68.4% 9.8% 3.9% 0.0% 9.3% 41.8% 38.3% 7.2% 3.4% 1 2 3 4 5 2002 2012 source: conlumino channels % of Shoppers more channels used during shopping for fashion
  18. technology is slowing things down with more browsing time driven by more choice neil saunders conlumino
  19. source: conlumino 52 23 5 3 89 16 4 2 Discovery Search Purchase Acquire 2002 2012 duration of purchase time spent on process purchasing 0.5 days 83 minutes 3.4 days 111 minutes Minutes customer journey stage more time in discovery with more content whilst search has got faster
  20. mobiles’ influence closest to the offline point of purchase 60% 58% source: deloitte when are you most likely to use to use your smartphone for store related shopping trip?
  21. mobile influenced store sales exceed m & e commerce mobile-influenced store sales vs mcommerce & ecommerce sales ($billion)
  22. mobile influence factor to boom 60% 58% source: deloitte
  23. mobile is the most powerful shopping tool
  24. mobile helps us get the right deal Source: Monetate 61% 51% 47% 34% 25% 19% 14% compare prices promotions/coupons read reviews scan barcode take product photos call friends/family contact a business what do we do on our smartphones
  25. mobile applications are driving the bulk of engagement source: monetate 81.5% 18.5% smartphone users who spend time using mobile apps smartphone users who spend time using web browsers
  26. despite an explosion in mobile traffic many retailers’ website are not mobile optimised source: monetate 48% retailers who have a mobile optimised website
  27. mobile optimised user experience
  28. picture source: psfk location matters influencing nearby customers
  29. “our coordinates, has the potential to change all the outputs…where we shop, who we talk to, what we read, what we search for, where we go, they all change once we merge location and the web” matthew honan wired magazine
  30. 70% of mobile searches for shopping resulted in a purchase within the hour
  31. mobile used to discover what’s nearby source: monetate 96% researched a product or service on their phones 94% searched for local information 90% acted within 24 hours 70% called businesses after searching 66% visited stores in person
  32. mobile enabled local shopping will explode when store inventory data become available mobile enabled local shopping will explode when store inventory data becomes widely available
  33. source: contagious location aware apps providing new utility Neiman Marcus Alaskan Airlines
  34. but shoppers undecided about sharing their location to get offers/content source: monetate 74% use their devices to find location information such as directions 38% report interest in receiving promotional messages on their location 18% check-in to locations using apps like foursquare
  35. which area did people spend time at? peak times in the store? new or repeat customers? most frequently used paths in the venue % of shoppers who walk by without entering location profiling has a big future source: cisco
  36. connected consumers connected guests connected travelers  better in-store experiences  context rich promotions  better informed purchase decisions  wayfinding - indoor maps with featured attractions  personalized 3rd party advertising  special promotions  better planning for high traffic areas  transportation updates and indoor directions  dwell times-based promotions retail hospitality transportation wide of usages for connected customers source: cisco
  37. mobile disrupting payment frictionless mobile payment & gifting
  38. payment-system-arrives-in-apple-stores-21-04-2011/ online payment experience setting new offline expectations
  39. content/uploads/2012/06/Apple_Passbook-paymentobserver.jpg&w=2211&h=1545&ei=PPbEUN- OJcuZiQfWjoHACA&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=445&vpy=129&dur=877&hovh=188&hovw=269&tx=163&ty=133&sig=117778829446237125984&page=1&tbnh=141&tbnw=202&start=0&ndsp=58&ved=1t:429,r:3,s:0,i:93 passbook complies rewards & services
  40. frictionless mobile payment systems
  41. mobile payment ecosystem is still yet to be defined
  42. mobile redefines stores store design, merchandising & service are being redefined by mobile picture source: frog design
  43. “WE ARE LOSING SHARE OF RETAIL” Context is everything ''retailers need to understand that online shopping isn't something we just do at our desktops any more. we now do it out in the real world, out on the streets and often while we're in-store.‘’ sportsgirl
  44. mobile brings retail to you
  45. Source: Jon Bird helps you shop your way
  46. mobile is completely destroying our notion of retail. your customer is now more knowledgeable than your staff ian jindal internet retailing uk
  47. Can I help you sir? No…I have a mobile!
  48. mobile makes sales staff more informed
  49. mobile enables social connectivity
  50. burberry the store designed for mobile to enrich the experience
  51. Our new flagship store is trying to recreate the experience on Burberry
  52. nike creating a mobile enabled product ecosystem
  53. The purchase of a Nike product needs to be the beginning of the relationship… So when they buy, they go home, sign up and they’ve created a link much stronger than anything we could ever say in communication. Because it’s the emotional connection to myself and my friends and we have now created an entire ecosystem of services that complement the product Stefan Olander Vice President Digital Sport Nike
  54. conclusions
  55. mobile disrupting behaviour, payment & stores mobile is the big influencer on purchase location profiling matters for contextual content frictionless payment & gifting emerging learning from nike & burberry design for mobile first…learn fast/cheap/first
  56. Photo: Reuters sources
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  58. twitter @johnbatistich