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Mobile and Informal Learning: Trends for 2012


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Mobile and Informal Learning: Trends for 2012

  1. From E-Learning to We-Learning & m-LearningUnderstanding the Mobile and Social Learning Marketplace<br />Josh Bersin<br />President and CEOOctober, 2011<br />
  2. About Us<br />Bersin & Associates<br />The leading research and advisory services firm focused on enterprise learning and talent management<br />Research Practices<br />Learning & Development<br />Leadership Development<br />Talent Management<br />Talent Acquisition<br />Strategic Human Resources<br />Offerings<br />Comprehensive best-practice, trend, and vendor research<br />Benchmarking data and detailed case studies<br />Talent management and L&D training for HR and business leaders<br />Advisory services and consulting<br />
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  4. Research for This Presentation<br />
  5. When did the World Change?The Mobile, Borderless Workplace<br />Peer<br />Candidate<br />Customer<br />Employee<br />Manager<br />Partner<br />Mentor<br />Contractor<br />
  6. Fundamental Shifts in Technology<br />
  7. Explosion in Mobile Internet Market<br />
  8. New Devices Transforming Business<br />Volume: More than 1.3 billion mobile phones on the market today<br />Tablets Rule: Apple sold 8 million iPads in Q2 alone, up from 14 million in all of 2010. Goldman Sachs estimates 55 million tablets sold in 2011, vs. 409 mm PCs.<br />Constant Use: 34% of mobile phone users under the age of 34 “sleep with their mobile phones”<br />Video: YouTube now delivers more hours of video each day than all the traditional networks combined, 69% of all web traffic today<br />Platform Changes: Apple and Android expected to capture 73% of all mobile phone browsing in 2011 (but not in business yet)<br />Gamification: The fastest growing application on mobile devices is games (23%)<br />Big Data: Data traffic on mobile devices is growing at 54% cagr and 2/3 already have 3G, this is the decade of BigData.<br />Consumerization: Employees expect the consumer experience they have at home at work.<br />
  9. How Rapidly Mobile has Changed<br />apps and<br />location aware<br />internet device<br />smart phone<br />portable<br />transportable<br />Voice, Text<br />Graphics, Mouse<br />Video, Touch, Fingers<br />
  10. Tablets Start to Takeover<br />Camera<br />Laptop<br />Voice<br />Movie<br />Player<br />NewsReader<br />Book<br />Reader<br />Remote<br />Control<br />Game<br />Player<br />Sales<br />Tool<br />In-Store<br />Device<br />Inventory<br />Tool<br />Learning<br />Tool<br />
  11. Mobile Devices Now Used for Everyday Life<br />
  12. What would You Be Willing to Give Up for a Week to Keep your Mobile Phone?<br />Brushing teeth: 22%<br />Sex: 33%<br />Exercise: 54%<br />Caffeine: 55%<br />Gaming is now the fastest growing application on mobile devices<br />
  13. What does this mean for corporate learning?<br />
  14. Evolution of Learning SolutionsTechnology and Strategies have Evolved as Tools Evolve<br />Learning Paths<br />Role-Based<br />Competency-Based<br />Learning<br />Career Development<br />Deep Specialization<br />Leadership Development<br />Rich Catalog<br />University<br />Instructional Design<br />Kirkpatrick<br />Rapid E-Learning<br />Information vs. Instruction<br />Search, Collaboration, Community Information Architecture<br />E-Learning<br />Get Materials Online<br />BlendedLearning<br />Collaborative / Social<br />Learning, Content Mgt,Rich Media<br />Interactivity<br />Simulation<br />LMS<br />E-Learning Platform<br />LMS<br />Enterprise Learning Platform<br />Learning Portal<br />Blogs, Wikis, Twitter,<br />Mobile, and Social Networks<br />Get MaterialsOnline<br />Expand, Blend<br />Improve E-Learning<br />Solve Talent<br />Problems<br />Informal Learning<br />Skills & Specialization<br />Mobile Internet Everywhere<br />Location awareness<br />Information Feeds<br />Learning and Performance Integrated<br />2001<br />2004<br />2011<br />2007<br />2015<br />
  15. The Traditional Way we Think about Training…<br />Learning Programs<br />Formal Program Design<br />(ADDIE or other)<br />Approaches<br />Organization, Governance, and Management<br />Learning Architecture<br />Disciplines of L&D<br />(Instructional Design, Kirkpatrick, …)<br />Tools and Technology<br />(LMS, Development Tools, …)<br />
  16. The Modern Approach<br />Learning Programs<br />Audiences, Problems, and Environment<br />Informal<br />Formally<br />Designed<br />Training<br />Social<br />On-Demand<br />Embedded<br />Approaches<br />Organization, Governance, and Management<br />Learning Architecture<br /> 20% 80%<br />Disciplines<br />New Disciplines<br />Tools and Technology<br />New Tools and Technology<br />Learning Culture<br />Bersin & Associates Enterprise Learning Framework®<br />
  17. 3 Forms of Informal Learning<br />On-Demand<br /><ul><li>E-Learning Courseware
  18. Search
  19. Books, Articles
  20. Videos
  21. Podcasts
  22. Learning/Knowledge Portals
  23. Job Aids</li></ul>Social<br /><ul><li>Wikis, Blogs, Forums
  24. Expert Directories
  25. Social Networks
  26. Communities of Practice
  27. Conferences &Colloquium
  28. Coaching & Mentoring
  29. Facebook, LinkedIn, …</li></ul>Embedded<br /><ul><li>Performance Support
  30. Reference Information
  31. Feedback
  32. Rotational Assignments
  33. After Action Reviews
  34. Quality Circles
  35. Development Planning
  36. Applications
  37. Games</li></ul>Types of Informal Learning<br />Mobile as a<br />transformationalopportunity<br />Mobile as an <br />enabler<br />Mobile as an <br />accelerator<br />
  38. What are some applications for mobile learning?<br />
  39. Ever-Widening Range of Mobile Learning Applications<br />
  40. Keller Williams Realtym-Learning used for formal sales training<br />U.S. franchise real-estate firm describes themselves as a coaching/training company that happens to be in the real estate business.<br />Mobile extension to video in the classroom is now a mobile content library.<br />MP3, MP4 file formats for audio and video download to mobile devices (iPod / iPhone, BlackBerry, media player)<br />Core business skills, technology, leadership, inspiration, culture, events, and commercials now being distributed<br />
  41. AccenturePodcasting around the world<br />Strong need for on-demand access to easily consumable content.<br />Leaderships wanted a channel to quickly refresh associates on timely topics.<br />Low-cost ($3-$4 per person) podcasting using existing conferencing bridge system.<br />Subscription or search access via mobile device.<br />Minimal time, no new tools needed.<br />96% reduction in cost over courseware<br />80% reduction in cost over rapid e-learning<br />In first six months 20,000 employees used them<br />
  42. Kelley Executive Partners and Coca-ColaAlternative Reality Game<br />Need to train Coca Cola managers and executives about how social media is being used by young customers around the world<br />Created an alternate reality game (ARG) that combines social and mobile technologies, along with collaborative and competitive team problem-solving.<br />21st century version of an interactive business simulation. Free technologies are used. Costs are the resources required for facilitating/coaching/instructional design.<br />Most recent was over 4 days, included 16 executives.<br />Used microblogs, blogs, YouTube videos, GPS, and smartphones to send and receive information from the game’s story. <br />
  43. Learning Integrated with Applications<br />Learning Integrated into the Application<br />
  44. Learning Integrated into the Application<br />
  45. Learning Integrated into the Application<br />
  46. Learning Integrated into the Application<br />
  47. What are the solution providers to use?<br />
  48. The Mobile Learning Marketplace<br />A messy market which has been very long in coming….<br />
  49. m-Learning Provider Markets<br />
  50. Pulse<br />Flipboard<br />Moprise<br />Pulse<br />Zite<br />
  51. Talent ManagementProviders?<br />LMSProviders?<br />
  52. The Social Learning Platform Market<br /><ul><li>Sharepoint
  53. Lotus
  54. Internal Portals</li></li></ul><li>LMS ProvidersFrom Bersin & Associates LMS2011 Industry Study – selected providers<br />http://www.bersin.com/Store/Details.aspx?docid=103313427<br />
  55. What are the considerations for mobile applications?<br />
  56. m-Learning-specific factors to consider<br />
  57. General Questions for Mobile Providers<br />
  58. Directions to Consider:Current State of e-Learning<br />
  59. Real-Time Collaboration and Training:Laparoscopic Surgery Training<br />Source: RPI<br />
  60. Video as PrimaryVideo – Desktop Teleconference, Mobile Video, TelepresenceSimultaneous Instructor and Virtual Education<br />Source: Vidyo, 2010<br />Source: Human Productivity Lab and Cisco, 2006.<br />Source: Apple, 2010.<br />
  61. Five Stagese-Learning<br />
  62. A New Set of RolesLetting go of the “Content Design and Delivery” Role<br />Content Standards<br />Authoring Tools<br />Content System(s)<br />Publishing Tools<br />Information Architecture<br />Content<br />Manager<br />(Media)<br />PortfolioManager<br />Performance<br />Consultant<br />Talent<br />Management<br />Expert<br />Employee<br />Community<br />Manager(Interactions)<br />Community Management<br />Sharing Guidelines<br />Cultural Reinforcement<br />Rewards and Feedback<br />Monitoring and Standards<br />Connection<br />Manager<br />(Directories)<br />Systems Integration<br />Interface to IT standards<br />Expert Directories<br />
  63. The New L&D Organization<br />
  64. Some closing thoughts…<br />L&D teams need to examine your readiness and tool sets<br />Developing world leading in mobile adoption<br />“e-” Learning“m-” Learning (‘e’ and ‘m’ losing relevance)<br />Timeliness, proximity, versatility are keys to becoming a high-impact learning organization<br />
  65. Follow Bersin & AssociatesRegular updates on research, findings, and news<br />Our Analyst Blogshttp://blogs.bersin.com<br />Our LinkedIn Grouphttp://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/166968<br />Our Twitter Feedshttp://www.twitter.com/bersinhttp://www.twitter.com/da5idm http://www.twitter.com/jclareyhttp://twitter.com/josh_bersin <br />WhatWorks® Membership Program<br />

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