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From E-Learning to We-Learning & m-LearningUnderstanding the Mobile and Social Learning Marketplace<br />Josh Bersin<br />...
About Us<br />Bersin & Associates<br />The leading research and advisory services firm focused on enterprise learning and ...
Bersin WhatWorks® Membership Program<br />Learning &Development<br />TalentManagement<br />Leadership<br />& Succession<br...
Research for This Presentation<br />
When did the World Change?The Mobile, Borderless Workplace<br />Peer<br />Candidate<br />Customer<br />Employee<br />Manag...
Fundamental Shifts in Technology<br />
Explosion in Mobile Internet Market<br />
New Devices Transforming Business<br />Volume:  More than 1.3 billion mobile phones on the market today<br />Tablets Rule:...
How Rapidly Mobile has Changed<br />apps and<br />location aware<br />internet device<br />smart phone<br />portable<br />...
Tablets Start to Takeover<br />Camera<br />Laptop<br />Voice<br />Movie<br />Player<br />NewsReader<br />Book<br />Reader<...
Mobile Devices Now Used for Everyday Life<br />
What would You Be Willing to Give Up for a Week to Keep your Mobile Phone?<br />Brushing teeth:  22%<br />Sex:  33%<br />E...
What does this mean for corporate learning?<br />
Evolution of Learning SolutionsTechnology and Strategies have Evolved as Tools Evolve<br />Learning Paths<br />Role-Based<...
The Traditional Way we Think about Training…<br />Learning Programs<br />Formal Program Design<br />(ADDIE or other)<br />...
The Modern Approach<br />Learning Programs<br />Audiences, Problems, and Environment<br />Informal<br />Formally<br />Desi...
3 Forms of Informal Learning<br />On-Demand<br /><ul><li>E-Learning Courseware
Books, Articles
Learning/Knowledge Portals
Job Aids</li></ul>Social<br /><ul><li>Wikis, Blogs, Forums
Expert Directories
Social Networks
Communities of Practice
Conferences &Colloquium
Coaching & Mentoring
Facebook, LinkedIn, …</li></ul>Embedded<br /><ul><li>Performance Support
Reference Information
Rotational Assignments
After Action Reviews
Quality Circles
Development Planning
Games</li></ul>Types of Informal Learning<br />Mobile as a<br />transformationalopportunity<br />Mobile as an <br />enable...
What are some applications for mobile learning?<br />
Ever-Widening Range of Mobile Learning Applications<br />
Keller Williams Realtym-Learning used for formal sales training<br />U.S. franchise real-estate firm describes themselves ...
AccenturePodcasting around the world<br />Strong need for on-demand access to easily consumable content.<br />Leaderships ...
Kelley Executive Partners and Coca-ColaAlternative Reality Game<br />Need to train Coca Cola managers and executives about...
Learning Integrated with Applications<br />Learning Integrated into the Application<br />
Learning Integrated into the Application<br />
Learning Integrated into the Application<br />
Learning Integrated into the Application<br />
What are the solution providers to use?<br />
The Mobile Learning Marketplace<br />A messy market which has been very long in coming….<br />
m-Learning Provider Markets<br />
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Bersin WhatWorks® Membership Program<br />Learning Mobile and Informal Learning: Trends for 2012

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  • Great presentation, valuable resource of information. Thank you. JamesFolt
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  • Great presentation...
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  • After we talked with companies about this for several years, the real 'design point' you have to think about is 'continuous learning.' How can we assemble culture, activities, people, content, work, feedback, and a whole environment where people are learning on a regular basis? This is what our high-impact learning organization research is about, by the way...
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  • Informal learning skills & specialization also parallels work regarding using collateral organization structures. A loose - tight approach allows for creative, innovative thinking while returning org. members back to their formal organization structures to manage planning, testing, implementation, adjusting, sustaining. That seems to support the embedded side of informal learning. It also goes with, blends with customizing tools that tune to fit, like Zite, custom news & tools that find you based on your shared preferences in social.
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