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Open job descriptions,
levels, and job demands
Job assessments online
for self-assessment and
Professional career
counselors in HR
Career explorer tools
are available for all
Wide variety of online
learning for technical,
professional, and
managerial growth
Apprenticeship model
adopted internally
Cross functional
projects are valued as
Line / Staff / Line / Staff
transitions are valued
and managed carefully
Development includes
industry, company, and
functional training
Career Resource
Center available
All external positions
are posted internally
Internal candidates
given fair or preference
to external
“Job rotation” programs
into and out of
functions are valued
Specialist roles are
valued, rewarded,
Storytelling celebrating
career paths of varied
“HIPO” programs are
not sacrosanct as the
only way to get ahead
Clear and agile goal
Managers rewarded for
“talent production” not only
“talent consumption”
Managers measured by
engagement and
progression of team
Learning funded and
valued by top
Tolerance of failure
without blaming the
“Career Advisor” or
“sponsor” separate
from manager
Return guaranteed
for risky
Network building
rewarded for
progression and
Managers rewarded for
coaching and
Design thinking about
lifecycle of employee in
a role for first 2 years
Onboarding and
performance support
valued part of manager
and L&D role
Professional Ladder
separate from
Management Ladder
Rewards for New
Assignments and
stretch assignments
Inclusive culture
enables anyone to take
any job
Making mistakes is
valued as learning and
discussed openly
Tolerance of staff who are
“incompetent” and
new at job
Promotions and Salary
Increases for Non-
Management Jobs
Meritocracy as culture
of reward and growth
PM process focuses on
development and
All jobs defined
around similar
competency model
Active mentoring
program with internal
and external mentors
Mentoring is valued,
institutionalized, rewarded,
and mentor development
programs exist
Multi-year management
or career development
programs exist and are
Social and video
sharing tools are used
for learning
Job Seeking Career Advice Management Culture
L&D and Talent Mgt. Job Transition Culture and Reward Systems
Career management in the digital age
New culture of management

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