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Lipoatrophy And Sitting Pain Seminar

Lipoatrophy and sitting pain seminar with discret, padded underwear solution.

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Lipoatrophy And Sitting Pain Seminar

  1. 1. Lipoatrophy and Sitting Pain An Under Reported Problem Joe Bollert, PhD Cofounder of LipoWear
  2. 2. “Dedicated to Helping Patients Thrive"
  3. 3. 22.8 million Americans suffer significant sitting pain severe enough to reduce or eliminate daily activities 31.8 million UK, European and Australians have the same problem
  4. 4. Lipoatrophy (loss of fat) Background The condition occurs in seniors, cancer and AIDS patients In legs and buttocks can be severely painful (burning pain) - even disabling
  5. 5. Lipoatrophy in HIV/AIDS
  6. 6. Consequences Crushed nerve > severe sitting pain Leads to withdrawal from normal daily activities requiring sitting – Social and Work activities affected Effects jobs, socialization and Quality of Life
  7. 7. First LipoWear Product SitRelief Shorts- Padded Underwear for Men – Replaces the missing fat and muscle padding
  8. 8. Product Design Features Anatomically designed Superior moisture wicking Ergonomic features Washable & quick drying Lightweight Breathable fabrics Comfortable Durable Performance apparel design Shape restoring/or Shape enhancing Pressure point cushioning Clinically tested Pain relieving Proprietary technology Ventilated & heat releasing Made in the USA Smart/Highly Engineered Fabrics
  9. 9. SitRelief Shorts
  10. 10. SitRelief Shorts
  11. 11. Clinically Tested HIV physicians in Newport Beach & Laguna Beach HIV male patients with lipoatrophy & sitting pain 2 month evaluation – Sitting pain evaluation – New England Research Institute HIV Quality of Life Survey
  12. 12. HIV Patient Data
  13. 13. Results Instant pain relief Resume normal activities requiring sitting – Social – Work Increased Quality of Life Improved physical appearance – Clothes fit better
  14. 14. Quality of Life Survey Significant Improvement in the following: Physical Function Social Function Cognitive Function
  15. 15. Product Evaluations from HIV Patients – “Wow!” is a common response – “Thank you, thank you” – “Great pain relief” – “Wonderful” – “Why didn’t someone think of this before???” – “Feel good about appearance for first time in a long time” – “The Shorts changed my life!” – “Every chair felt better” – “Clothes fit better” – “I can’t imagine life without them”
  16. 16. Product Evaluations from Seniors – “I could sit thru my grand daughter’s college graduation in comfort” – “Thank you very much” – “Attended outdoor concert I would have not gone to, great product” – “You have a winner for seniors!” – “Driving was more comfortable”
  17. 17. Other Products Bicycle shorts and other padded athletic garments not effective for pain relief Padded briefs to enhance appearance of buttocks – www.Buttforyou.com – www.bottomsup.ca
  18. 18. Butt For You
  19. 19. Bottoms Up
  20. 20. Second LipoWear Product LipoWear Padded Shorts for Women – Focus group being formed – Design changes will be made
  21. 21. Lipoatrophy & Sitting Pain Summary Significant problem Products available Choose right product for you Get sitting pain relief Return to activities abandoned Thrive again Sitting is believing!
  22. 22. Contact Information: Joe A. Bollert, Ph.D. LipoWear 2102 Business Center Dr. Irvine, CA 92612 (714) 323-2116 Fax: (413)410-0120 jbollert@lipowear.com