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Intranet Sitemap

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One-page overview of intranet re-organization
Client: SCANA

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Intranet Sitemap

  1. 1. SCANA Intranet Proposed Sitemap Log-in to This proposed new sitemap structure re-shuffles and re-names existing sections. It allows easy access to News, HR-oriented Employee Self-Service, Corporate Info, Services, Job-oriented worksites, and Verificatio The Edge Task-related Tools. n Global Navigation Search Focuses search What’s capabilities on: Benefits, Happening Brands & Service Project / Tools & • Personnel Career & Plans Departments Team Sites Reference Training • Tools • Categories(was homepage) (was Our Profile (was Department / • webpages (was My SCANA) and Our Plans) Team Websites) (was Tools & Forms)This is the defaulthomepage when you This section gives Ready access to (was Communities) There are many There are dozens andsign in. This is quick direct access to 35 corporate level Info project/team websites. dozens of resources There are 12 SCANAaccess to timely info. sections of info stored and strategic plans An employee is salted around The Service Departments. in 3 main groups: for all operating primarily interested in Edge. This section is These may be cross- Health, Wealth, companies. their own project an archive that is referenced to relevantProfile Careers, with a new website(s). heavily cross- Project/Team Sites. emphasis on Training referenced• Site Overview (SCANA University). Profile Profile• Frontline Profile SCANA level: Org Profile The project/team• News & Alerts Profile Chart, Bios, Compliance, Risk websites are Forms Territories, Mgt, Safety Easy access to HR managed as individual• Announcement Board of Tools Functional areas Sharepoint teamsites. s info & services Directors, IMDM provides: Financial Speaker’s Bureau Documents• Calendar Emphasize Training Performance, Top level index thru SCANA Women’s Training• Feature stories University Products Branding and Leadership External Sites• SCANA vision Breakout by design guidelines Feature Tutorials for Customer Service Operating Internal Sites• Drilldown to “New Employee” Behavioral and “Account Companies: standards Task-oriented Archive of news Strategic Plan & articles, Basics” Listing Progress intranetsitemap-13318228256602-phpapp02-120315094819-phpapp02.doc 1
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  3. 3. Proposed SitemapPhase 1Here is the restructuring of The Edge which we believe can be accomplished in Phase 1.Section Focus NotesWhat’s News, announcements The default landing page for The Edge. You goHappening and other “timely “ info, here in order to get an overview of the site, see intro to the site time-sensitive information and updates, and be presented with “featured” info. Here’s where Introductory overview you “plug in” to The Edge. • Overview of The Edge (description of each section) • Frontline • Newsy stuff, announcements, alerts, calendar • SCANAvision • Introduction for New EmployeesBenefits, Career HR-oriented Employee You go here for access to HR-related services.& Training Self-service As the new title suggests, an emerging feature of this section is the “Training” and Educational component. This is consistent with the feedback from Employee Personas and Stakeholders. • The Health, Wealth and Careers sections remain pretty much as is. • We emphasize the “training” features: SCANA U, Accounting Tutorial and New Employee intro tutorialBrands & Plans Standard corporate You go here to get a sense of the structural profile “nuts & bolts” environment of SCANA: Who’s who, what’s info, plus strategic what and where. vision • Org Chart, Leadership Bios, Board of Directors, Territories, Financial Performance, etc. You also get “the vision thing” of for SCANA Corporate and individual Operating Companies • The Strategic View & Investor PerspectiveService Standard corporate You go here for service support.Departments infrastructure services • Provide good, consistent design guidelines and branding across all Service departmental websites. • Help stakeholders to “push” their services out to employees. • Cross-reference to appropriate Tools and Project/team sitesintranetsitemap-13318228256602-phpapp02-120315094819-phpapp02.doc 3
  4. 4. Section Focus NotesProject/Team Job-oriented You go here to get a job-centric view of SCANASites assistance, that is individualized to your team role. collaborative worksites • Provide good, consistent design guidelines for Project/ The sub-sites are Team Site managers. managed by individual stakeholders • Cross-reference to relevant Service Departments & Tools • Permissioned creation of a new teamsite • Suggestion: Make “your” particular project/team site(s) a default destination for an employee who comes to this sectionTools & Task-related tools You go here to get access to any of theReference functional tools are that are available to you on The Edge. • Archive knowledge on all tools, forms, docs, training and related site links into this repository • Display description & usage info for all resources • Allow display (sorting) by categories • Task-oriented Listing guides you to relevant resourcesintranetsitemap-13318228256602-phpapp02-120315094819-phpapp02.doc 4