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Learning and Development mission, strategy, and goals

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This is a one page snap shot of our region and department's mission, strategy and goals

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Learning and Development mission, strategy, and goals

  1. 1. Department: Learning and Development Group Plan: 5 Year Strategic Plan L&D Strategic Objectives and Goals Foundation External Internal Our Mission Improve Asset Utilization and Cost Performance Encourage Development and Growth To increase the financial strength of the - Implement and maximize LMS - Provide regular written communicationsorganization by developing passionate business - Expand portfolio of online learning which outline the importance of self thinkers, using blended learning techniques, opportunities development and outlines the areas to enhance the Customer Experience where this development can take place and to improve ROI Build Partnerships with Our Customers - Regularly participate in meetings and conference calls with your direct Our Core Values - Become business consultants to our customers to showcase our courses customers to the level at which they - Set the example by outlining your• I ntegrity champion our services to others development plan, using the learning and• D evelopment (self) - Leverage the existing corporate development tools we advocate, and• E nthusiasm portfolio for training to enhance the L&D practicing the principles you learn• A ccountability portfolio• S olutions - Regularly participate in meetings and Apply Training for Impact approach Principles conference calls with your direct 1. Measure participant satisfaction with Competitive Advantage customers using the principles from the the training program and capture planned Customer/Supplier Alignment quality actions- Flexibility to adjust to the customers needs training- Multi-lingual 2. Measure change in knowledge, skills - As it pertains to the Customer and attitudes- Multi- cultural Experience, BE BEST IN CLASS- Scope of knowledge 3. Measure changes in on-the-job behavior Facilitate user-friendly tools 4. Measure change in business impact Division-Wide Strategies - Introduce intuitive tools which require variables 5. Compare training program benefits to little or no training1. Improve reliability and convenience to further the cost or the ROIpenetrate existing markets.2. Increase customer choice through Communicate Learning and Development Results Seek and Transfer Knowledgean enhanced service portfolio. - Provide measurable results to your - Be a student of your trade3. Integrate into our customer’s business to chain of command - Practice web 2.0 principles of push/pullenable and simplify exporting and importing. - Provide measurable and meaningful communications4. Create a passionate team of business thinkers, results to your customers - Participate in industry seminars andfocused on customers and driven by a sense of workshops which support your area ofurgency to deliver results. responsibility5. Utilize technology to convert data into Implement new technologiesinformation6. Improve asset utilization and cost performance - Regularly introduce new products