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Held Hostage by Old Mental Models

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A reason it is so difficult to inculcate a culture of purpose, transparency and co-creation where it didn’t exist before is that it is a new value which is likely to be rejected by the prevailing mental model..

The new value is created from a new mental model. Those held hostage by old mental models need to break out and create value the marketplace wants but can't find.

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Held Hostage by Old Mental Models

  1. 1. Held Hostage ByOld Mental ModelsBreak away with a new mental model
  2. 2. What Are We Talking About?1. Held hostage implies a person or entity held captive by mental models that the are no longer recognized as functional.2. Mental models are information processing and external cognition3. Cognition is that which comes to be known, as through perception, reasoning, or intuition; knowledge.
  3. 3. What Creates Mental Models?Learning + Experience + Environment + Relationships = Mental Models That Create Our Individual & Collective Realities
  4. 4. The Realities Have Changed…1. Because we are now learning from each other’s experiences2. Because the learning environment is no longer contained in rooms or institutions3. Because the learning influences are driven by social relationships4. Because relationships are formed around social objects
  5. 5. The Internet Fueled The Changes Before The Internet After The InternetInformation was limited Information is abundantInformation is controlled Information isn’t controlledYou paid for information Information is freeKnowledge is repeated Knowledge is createdYou created things to sell You created value to shareMarkets targeted you Markets engaged youMedia created by the few Media created by the many @JDeragon
  6. 6. And Our Mental Models ChangedWhat we learned in the Industrial Era has to beunlearned in the Social Era.Unlearning what we thought worked before meanswe now have to learn new mental models thatwork today. The Social Era Is About New Mental Models
  7. 7. Mental Models Have Shifted Industrial Era Social EraProduce More Things Produce More valueChase The Profit Fulfill The PurposeDo Meaningless Things Do Meaningful ThingsCompetition is Good Collaboration is BetterManaging Silo Results Managing SymmetryThe Top Knows Better The Crowd Knows MoreMeasure Tangible Results Measure Intangible Value @JDeragon
  8. 8. and business has changedso the rules for creating value have changed @JDeragon
  9. 9. this is causing a shift….. that old mental models resist ….. @JDeragon
  10. 10. Being Held Hostage By Old ModelsYou can’t create and enjoyabundance until you let go ofold mental models.Abundance is co-created fromthose who have transitionedto the new mental models.You can’t make the transitionuntil you break away frombeing held hostage by the oldmental models.
  11. 11. The New Mental Models Are..• You no longer need a job to work• Work is not contained in buildings but in minds• Power is in the network not the person• Leadership is in the ideas not the titles• Management’s role is to create symmetry• Customer are co-creators, not targets Changing Business as Usual to…..
  12. 12. Unusual Business Models….• Business value and meaning stems from purpose• 80% of the value is created by intangibles• Intangible assets create business results• Enable the assets to improve the results• Synthesis is more important than analysis• Abundance comes from improved thinking not production That Require New Mental Models
  13. 13. Break away from old mental models Become a Smarter Company and learn how to create a new mental models of abundance from intangible value that produces tangible results. Learn more from Smarter Companies www.smarter-companies.com @JDeragon