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15 People who click Facebook “Like’s” are more engaged, active and connected then the average Facebook user Looking at data from 12 weeks in aggregate, Eventbrite found that each social media share equates to $1.78 in ticket salesFANS CONSUME VALUE OF A INCREASED INCREASEDMORE PRODUCT SHARE REFERRAL SALESA Coca-Cola Fan consumes A share on... 40x referral traffic from American Eagle added thetwo times more product than Facebook equals $2.52 Facebook for Leviʼs “Like” button to every producta non-fan and purchase intent Twitter equals $0.43 ecommerce site after on their site and found,of a fan is ten times higher linkedIn equals $0.90 implementing the Like Facebook referred visitorsthen that of a non-fan e-mail equals $2.34 spent 57% more money than button non-Facebook referred visitors* Facebook Stats