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Design thinking, tim brown pdf

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Design Thinking

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Design thinking, tim brown pdf

  1. 1. Design Thinking: Tim Brown Design, Business, and Innovation Jaiden Dwyer Tuesday, September 13, 16
  2. 2. Design Thinking, Tim Brown - For a period of time, design was not an important part of the process when new products were being made. When designers realized this, they made design a big part of creating new products. Tuesday, September 13, 16
  3. 3. Design Thinking, Tim Brown - Companies began to use design to create better products for costumers needs and wants.With this shift, the way a designer thought made a huge difference. Tuesday, September 13, 16
  4. 4. Design Thinking, Tim Brown - Kaiser Permanente, a health care provider, taught design techniques to its staff.They did this to help improve patients and medical practitioners experience. Tuesday, September 13, 16
  5. 5. Design Thinking, Critical Question 1 - How did focusing on the design of a product help the sales of the product? Set the bar for the product, make sure the product is made from the best quality material, and has a good performance. Tuesday, September 13, 16
  6. 6. Design Thinking, Critical Question 2 - In what ways has design shaped the medical field? New technology is being invented that helps improve the way people in the medical field do there job and treat patients. Tuesday, September 13, 16
  7. 7. Sources - http://www.referenceforbusiness.com/management/Or-Pr/ Product-Design.html -http://www.huffingtonpost.com/drew-hendricks/how- technology-is-changin_b_3273542.html Tuesday, September 13, 16