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Share point 2013 new features

Quick view on SharePoint 2013 new features

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Share point 2013 new features

  1. 1. MicrosoftSharePoint2013New Featureswww.SharePointCTO.comVisit by for SharePoint Resources:• Tutorials• Articles• Tools• Interview QuestionsBy Microsoft MVPsCopyright @ www.sharepointcto.com
  2. 2. User Interface Improved Navigation Menus Enhanced Mobile & Tablet Devices Support Drag & Drop support for Document Libraries Improved Video Support Friendly URLsAudience: AllCopyright @ www.sharepointcto.com
  3. 3. Social Computing Improved Administration & User Experience Micro Blogging & Feeds supported Enhancements in Saving & Synchronizing Contents Cross Site Publishing eDiscovery Enhancements Future Support for YammerAudience: Developer, UserCopyright @ www.sharepointcto.com
  4. 4. Apps Introducing New App Model Apps are self contained piece of Functionality Similar to Windows Apps Easy Discovery & Installation Internal App Store & Office App Store Hundreds of Free & Paid Apps available Developer Opportunity for Selling Apps Develop Apps using Web StandardsAudience: Developer, UserCopyright @ www.sharepointcto.com
  5. 5. Cloud Cloud App Model is introduced App Business Logic, User Interface can be separated Provider Hosted & Azure Auto-hosted Apps SkyDrive Pro support for document synchronizingCopyright @ www.sharepointcto.comAudience: Developer
  6. 6. Workflows Workflow Manager Client introduced Cloud based Execution of Workflows Browser Authoring of WorkflowsCopyright @ www.sharepointcto.comAudience: Developer
  7. 7. Multi-Tenancy Support Leverage on Single Installation for Multiple Customers Partition Mode execution for service applications Tenant enabled Search Service Tenant enabled App Management ServiceCopyright @ www.sharepointcto.comAudience: Developer
  8. 8. Search Improved Navigation & Refinements Search Hints through User Interaction Intelligence Search Preferences Result Item Preview New Ranking Model Introduced Flexible Search SchemaCopyright @ www.sharepointcto.comAudience: All
  9. 9. Business Intelligence OData, REST supported Excel Business Intelligence supports Huge Data PowerView support added In-Memory engine added PerformancePoint support for iPadCopyright @ www.sharepointcto.comAudience: All
  10. 10. Deprecated Features Sandboxed Solutions deprecated (Farm Solutions aresupported) Visual Upgrade deprecated Document Workspace Template deprecatedCopyright @ www.sharepointcto.comAudience: Developer, User
  11. 11. References http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/fp142374.aspxCopyright @ www.sharepointcto.comAudience: Developer, User