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8 Digital Trends That Will Change Everything - Revised

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This presentation looks at the major trends occurring in the digital space in order to help marketers understand where digital marketing is headed.

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8 Digital Trends That Will Change Everything - Revised

  1. Twitter is so 2009! How to scare the sh!t out of a bunch of marketers! 8 Digital Trends That Will Change Everything! Presented by:! Jeff Hilimire, Chief Digital Officer! Josh Martin, Social Media Lead!
  2. Today’s Agenda Trend #1: Facebook is killing it! Trend #5: Social games! Trend #2: Lifestreaming! Trend #6: Augmented reality! Trend #3: Checking In! Trend #7: Google Wave & Google Buzz! Trend #4: Visual Search! Trend #8: Sh!t you’re not ready for!
  3. Jeff Hilimire @jeffhilimire Chief Digital Officer jhilimire@engauge.com Engauge Blog: jeffhilimire.com
  4. Josh Martin Social Media Lead Engauge @jmart730 jmartin@engauge.com Blog: welcometojmart.com
  5. ...huh?!
  6. Digital Innovation Group! ...or just DIG ;)!
  7. DIG Clients!
  8. DIG follows 2 principles!
  9. If we’re not doing something that! makes our clients a little uncomfortable,! we’re probably missing something.!
  10. Don’t look at the finger. Look at where it’s pointing.!
  11. Trend #1!
  12. 400 Million Users!
  13. 100 Million Users!
  14. Facebook Overtakes Yahoo!
  15. Is Google next?!
  16. Facebook Connect! •! More than 80,000 websites have implemented Facebook Connect! •! More than 60 million Facebook users engage with Facebook Connect on external websites every month! •! 2/3 of comScore’s U.S. Top 100 websites & half of comScore’s Global Top 100 websites have implemented Facebook Connect!
  17. Facebook Credits! •! Virtual currency is a multibillion-dollar market! •! Facebook created credits in ’09 & recently started rolling out to a few social games - ex. Happy Island! •! Partnership with PayPal - payment option for purchasing Facebook credits!
  18. What’s next for Facebook?! E-COMMERCE! •! Soon it will be commonplace to purchase products and exchange money in Facebook!
  19. What’s next for Facebook?! MOBILE! •! Users will be able to do more and more things on Facebook through their mobile device! •! Play Games! •! Interact with Fan Pages! •! Purchase! •! Send money!
  20. What’s next for Facebook?! FAN PAGES! •! Brands have only begun to test the limits of what’s capable in Facebook! •! Facebook to offer more services for brands, but at a price!
  21. What does Facebook mean for you?! •! Brands that aren’t on Facebook are missing out on opportunities to connect with their customers and future customers! •! Facebook allows you to get thousands of fans and turn them into marketers - sharing your content / message! •! Facebook presence is more important than your website! •! Facebook content displaying in real-time search!
  22. Trend #2! Lifestreaming!
  23. wordpress! plugins! jeffhilimire.com! aggregater! My Lifestream!
  24. What does Lifestreaming mean for you?! •! Today, people have their own brands. You have to find a way to be relevant to them within their brand. Think of it as co- marketing with fans of your brand.! •! Think of the many ways that your brand creates content and find ways to spread the word, outside of Facebook and Twitter.! •! Real-time content. And portable content.!
  25. Trend #3! Check-in!
  26. SxSW + ZonePerfect + MyTown = Bada$$ness!
  27. What does “checking in” mean for you?! •! Location-based marketing is the next big thing! •! Is there a way for your business to take advantage of check-ins? Rewards, promotions, data mining, etc.?! •! Is this going to be the year for Mobile?!
  28. Trend #4! Visual Search!
  29. What does Visual Search mean for you?! •! Consumers are not satisfied with search today.! •! Existing searches are best for items you know more about and not ideal for “Discovery”! •! Your brand can come alive in a visual search.! •! This is the year to experiment and ask users for feedback.!
  30. Trend #5! Social Games!
  31. A few facts about FarmVille...! •! FarmVille is the most popular app in the history of Facebook! •! FarmVille players outnumber real farmers in the U.S. by a ratio of 60 to 1! •! On an average day, FarmVille players purchase 500,000 virtual tractors. John Deere, the biggest U.S. manufacturer of real tractors sell around 5,000 a year.! •! FarmVille was able to raise over $1 million for Haiti relief efforts!
  32. What does Social Gaming mean for you?! •! Marketing opportunities - bing example! •! In many cases, apps / games within social networks represent one of the best ways to reach new customers.! •! Consider researching whether or not your customers are playing social games. Is there a place for your brand within that game?!
  33. Trend #6! Augmented Reality!
  34. What does Augmented Reality mean for you?! •! Throw off the constraints - technology now opens new possibilities.! •! Cool for the sake of being cool is still cool - but the beauty lies in trying new things.!
  35. Trend #7! Google Wave &! Google Buzz!
  36. What does Google Wave mean for you?! •! It’s particularly useful for brainstorming and collaborating over multiple geographic locations.! •! Over time people want to interact both with your brand but also with other customers. Are there ways that you could incorporate group engagement?! •! Great forum for working with multiple agencies and stakeholders.! Want a Google Wave invite? Email me at jmartin@engauge.com!
  37. What is this Buzz all about?! •! It’s another social network...! •! Ties in with: Twitter, Picasa, YouTube, Flickr, Mobile! •! Tied directly to Gmail - comments to your posts go directly to your inbox! •! More of a closed network, but you can choose to share things publicly and/or privately!
  38. What does Google Buzz mean for you?! •! Another method of engaging and collaborating with others! •! Opportunities to gather feedback - similar to Twitter, but messages can be longer and include images, links, etc.! •! Could be an interesting social network when they add features for businesses / brands!
  39. Trend #8! Sh!t you’re not ready for!
  40. Questions?!