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Canada in the First Decade of the 20th Century

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An introduction to the history unit in Social Studies 11: B.C. curriculum

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Canada in the First Decade of the 20th Century

  1. 1. A Different Nation The Dominion of Canada in the first decade of the 20th century J. Marshall 2007
  2. 2. Political • Queen Victoria • Wilfred Laurier • King Edward VII 1896-1911
  3. 3. An Un-Wild West K Division NWMP, Yukon 1901
  4. 4. A Policy of Assimilation Reserve Lands for Farming Residential Schools Elimination of the ability to live a traditional lifestyle
  5. 5. Boer War 1899-1902 (South Africa)
  6. 6. Imperialism Cecil Rhodes
  7. 7. Klondike Gold & Alaska The Golden Staircase, Chilkoot Pass, Yukon
  8. 8. 1910 Naval Bill: trouble for Laurier in Quebec (you can’t please all the people and if you try, you’ll please none! HMCS Rainbow HMCS Niobe How dare they call it a tin pot navy
  9. 9. Racism: Asiatic Exclusion League Vancouver, 1907
  10. 10. Vancouver, 1914 HMCS Rainbow: RCN’s First ship Vancouver supporters arrive
  11. 11. 160 ACRES FOR 10 bucks! (If you make improvements within three years)
  12. 12. The Good Ole CPR
  13. 13. A Class Society
  14. 14. Victorian homes reflected the attitudes the age; they were over- done and very decorative.
  15. 15. Moral Values Crept into all Facets of Society: RULES WERE RESTRICTIVE ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN!
  16. 16. BUILDING FOR SUCCESS Quebec Bridge
  17. 17. Industry - Hewers of Wood and Drawers of Water
  18. 18. Technological advances made work easier
  19. 19. Silver Dart, Baddeck, N.S. 1909
  20. 20. THE WORLD GETS SMALLER as we enter Canada’s century ACROSS THE POND IN UNDER SIX DAYS
  21. 21. E n d