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China in Africa

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Team case assignment

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China in Africa

  1. 1. Team Assignment 2 IBE401: The Global Business Environment
  2. 2. Find out about it … • What is the data telling us about Chinese business activity in Africa? • What sort of business is going on? • What are the objectives? • Make a note of all important factual information
  3. 3. Now you are in possession of the facts … • Has Chinese business activity been a good thing? • Do both Chinese and African countries benefit? • What are academics and other commentators saying? • What is your analysis of China’s increased activity in Africa?
  4. 4. Is India missing out on the action?
  5. 5. India in Africa • There is speculation that a third India-Africa Forum Summit will take place in 2014 • While PM Manmohan Singh has pressing matters to deal with at home, close colleagues are pointing to the huge strides China is making, and that India should follow suit • He is seeking advice from some expert international business consultants based in Chandigarh as to what approach should be taken at the forthcoming Summit …
  6. 6. Prepare a presentation for the PM • Dr Manmohan Singh seeks diversity of opinion and he has requested different consultancy firms be contacted to tender for this work • His aides have been careful, therefore, to approach consultants who can provide critical analysis of the various international political economy perspectives on this question
  7. 7. Guidelines… • Prepare an engaging and informative PowerPoint presentation for the PM and his advisors (no more than 20 slides) • Provide some background to the situation and how it has evolved • Provide a critique of China’s approach to Africa to date • Make recommendations as to how India should engage with African countries moving forward.