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Extended essay research plan paper prospectus


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Extended essay research plan paper prospectus

  1. 1. Extended Essay Research Plan Outline The research plan outline is intended to help as you think about how to pursue your research question and develop your arguments. It describes your topic and explains the sources that you plan to use in building your arguments and counterarguments. In the Research Plan Outline, You Should.... I. State your research question II. Introduce and describe the signifance and worthiness of investigation of your topic III. Outline your plan of investigation that you will use to develop your arguments (questions you will use to answer research question & sources you’ll use to answer those questions) IV. Pick your favorite answer to your research question V. Briefly describe the steps you will take in building your argument VI. Annotated bibliography Remember that your research plan outline is a planning document; while it will provide the foundation for your finished paper, it is not intended to be the paper itself, or to state exactly what your paper will say. You will discover as you do further research that you might need to make changes to your initial plan and to your arguments & counterarguments (sometimes substantial ones).