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Guest Blogging Isn't Dead

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Google is taking a tough stance on guest blogging, and they’re starting to penalise blogs and blog networks they see as spammy. How do you react to it? Do you run scared and stop guest blogging all together? No way. It just means you have to work harder. In this session we’ll talk about how you can take advantage of guest blogging either as a publisher or author. You’ll learn tips to ensuring great content, ways of finding legitimate authors, and checks and balances to ensure you won’t fall under scrutiny. Don’t run scared, fight back with killer content.

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Guest Blogging Isn't Dead

  1. Guest Blogging Isn’t Dead, but Blogging Just for Links Is Jennifer Sable Lopez Director of Community at Moz @jennita
  3. Don’t Play Dead Turkey @jennita #SMXSydney
  4. Stop Focusing on Links @jennita #SMXSydney “…if you're using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop.”
  5. Ok. So, Why Guest Blog?
  6. Brand Presence @jennita #SMXSydney
  7. Become an Authority @jennita #SMXSydney
  8. Increase Traffic @jennita #SMXSydney
  9. Stand Out in the Crowd @jennita #SMXSydney
  10. Build Community @jennita #SMXSydney
  11. Expand G+ Authorship @jennita #SMXSydney http://www.stonetemple.com/the-great-google-authorship- kidnapping-what-happened-to-your-author-photo-in-search/
  12. How to Be a Better Guest Author
  13. @jennita #SMXSydney! Stop Thinking About Links
  14. Get to Know the Community @jennita #SMXSydney
  15. Read the Guidelines @jennita #SMXSydney
  16. Create Something of Value
  17. Have Someone Proofread @jennita #SMXSydney
  18. @jennita #SMXSydney! *You* Must Be the Author
  19. @jennita #SMXSydney! Know Your End Goal Branding Authority Community Stand Out Traffic Authorship
  20. @jennita #SMXSydney! Be Sure to Measure It!
  21. Become a Better Guest Blogging Publisher
  22. @jennita #SMXSydney! Make Sure it’s Someone’s Job Blog ManagerYouMoz Manager
  23. @jennita #SMXSydney! Ensure Content Is Original Heeeey, this looks familiar…
  24. @jennita #SMXSydney! Tools to Help
  25. @jennita #SMXSydney! Set Guidelines http://moz.com/blog/inside-youmoz-how-to-guest-blog-for-moz
  26. @jennita #SMXSydney! Have a Process
  27. @jennita #SMXSydney! Is the Author a Real Person? Real Person?? Real Person!!
  28. @jennita #SMXSydney! Active in the Community?
  29. @jennita #SMXSydney! Double-Check Bio Ask yourself: Do you really want to endorse this person and their websites?
  30. @jennita #SMXSydney! Check & Re-Check the Links Ask yourself: Do you really want to endorse all of these links?
  31. @jennita #SMXSydney! Set up G+ Authorship Author G+ Connected Helps In SERPs!
  32. @jennita #SMXSydney! No Editing by Guest Authors
  33. Guest Blogging is a Tactic Remember,
  34. Just a Piece of The Full Marketing Strategy
  35. Jennifer Sable Lopez Director of Community at Moz @jennita !! Thank You All Images by Rudy Lopez Photography