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The bedguy ppt

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The bed guy has been in the business of providing a good night’s sleep since 2007. Specialising in on-line bed sales we are able to exclude all the added expenses cutting out high bed prices and passing the savings on to you, the much valued client.

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The bedguy ppt

  1. 1. Want Sound Sleeps for Hours? Choose Beds and Mattresses At The Bed Guy http://www.thebedguy.co.za
  2. 2. We Offer Base & Mattress Sets Mattresses Only Sleigh Beds Bunk Beds Linen Bedroom Furniture
  3. 3. We Guarantee Quality Assurance Best Price
  4. 4. Enjoy Easy Shopping Online @ The Bed Guy & Check Our Specials @ http://www.thebedguy.co.za
  5. 5. Contact Us Phone: E-mail: sales@thebedguy.co.za Skype: Garsfontein | Pretoria +27 797763257 +27 865197032