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Pitch planning


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Pitch planning

  1. 1. PLANNING AND PITCH Music magazine
  2. 2. NAME OF MAGAZINE Unplugged – this is my favourite as it is very music related. It also shows how its unplugged so its more personal and privet. Vibe – I also like this one as I feel it sounds current and also has a music element to it as well exposed Demand
  3. 3. GENRE I have chosen pop music as my research has shown that pop music and pop artists are very popular. Also there is a large amount of magazines out there for indie and rock music but not a lot for pop and I feel that there should be one as it is a very big market as lots of people are interested in pop music.
  4. 4. PUBLICATION PATTERN Monthly, as my research shows people don’t buy music magazines very often so once a month would be more realistic. Also by only releasing one a month, the quality of them can be improved and we can spend more time adding extra things in which my research shows my target audience wants to be included.
  5. 5. PRICE £3 I think this is a reasonable price as I will include freebees in it so it will be worth the money. Also as it is only once a month it can afford to cost more as people wont be buying it very often. I feel if the magazine is too expensive it will not be bought as my target audience is young so they will not have a lot of money. I think if I made it any cheap the quality
  6. 6. READER PROFILE teenage/young girls around 16- 20 Like, boy bands female bands Goes out to concerts Shopping and buying clothes Use social media a lot