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Interview Prof. Dr. Lim at University of Oklahoma

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Interview with Prof. Dr. Doo-Hun Lim at University of Oklahoma (Adult and Higher Education). He gives many 'insightful wisdom' about Research of HRD or Adult Education.

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Interview Prof. Dr. Lim at University of Oklahoma

  1. 1. Interview with a Prominent Scholar in HRD [Interview with Prof. Dr. Doo-Hun Lim] [ Oct. 01 2008 ] by Jeong-Hwan Choi, MBA
  2. 2. INTERVEIWEE Prof. Dr. Doo-Hun Lim Source: homepage of Dr. Lim http://education.ou.edu/lim/ Dr. Lim in Adult and Higher Education at University of Oklohoma has scholarly competencies as well as practical experiences in HRD. Scholar Practitioner Work ethics and work-family relationships Reflecting learning Educational Technology Chief Performance Consultant at PSI consulting Online education program developer at UIUC, SK, SAMSUNG Training manager at ICT & Hotel business in Korea Ph.D. 1998, HRE/UIUC
  3. 3. INTERVEIW SETTING DATE: Sept .26 2008 (Friday) TIME: 4:00 ~ 4:40 PM PLACE: Dr. Lim’s Office at University of Oklahoma METHOD: Teleconference LANGUGE: Korean (for better communication & cultivating deep ‘insights’ ) UIUC Oklahoma INTERVIEWER: Jeong-Hwan Choi (Ph.D. student) INTERVIEWEE: Prof. Dr. Doo-Hun Lim FEEDBACK ON TRANSCRIPTIONS & MATERIALS: Sept. 30 2008 (through E-mail)
  4. 4. Questions 1 RESEARCH INTERESTS & AGENDA Corporate (Industry) or National Level Study is highly required Research interests and Agenda Key Sentence Comparable study of work ethics and work-family relationships International comparative study is “missing” “ Currently, I’m focusing on comparing the work ethics and work-family relationships of employees in public and corporate organization between the U.S. and Korea.” “ The international comparative study of ‘influencing factors of family or family relationship to performance’ is missing in HRD research.” “ Many HRD researches are focusing on ‘organization or individual level studies.’ But we should consider ‘corporate or national level’ to get better understandings about HRD. ”
  5. 5. Questions 2 RESEARCH UNIVERSTIY Compensation Comparison of Research University & non research university Key Sentence Infra-Structure Teaching Load “ In research oriented universities, they provide systemic support programs such as ‘mentoring program for faculty development’ or ‘information session.” “ Teaching load of non-research universities are high (e.g. 3~4 classes /week). So, research activities is very limited for lacks of time or resources” “ Faculty performance evaluation is highly depends on the research output (most critical) such as publications or academic collaboration in research university’ (merit based system).”
  6. 6. Questions 3 GOOD QUALITY RESEARCH Reflections in everyday lives Good Quality Research Key Sentence Research topic selection and setting up good research questions Submergence of a field “ First of all, consider the research demand and timining of the research topic.’ Second, setup ‘interesting and impactful key questions even in a general topic.’ “ A Rome was not built in a day.” “ Quality research can be achieved only if a researcher has enough knowledge and experiences in a field. Try to cultivate profound or root level factors of an HR phenomenon. ‘Trial-and-Error’ and ‘Deep thinking’ are keys for submergence” “ Good research questions can be flashed up from how and what a researcher thinks in everyday lives. Observing a mental process in common life can give insightful findings and questions. So, have a ‘habit’ of questioning in daily lives”
  7. 7. MONKEY TRAP ? Tempted by the rice and driven by hunger, the monkey will reach into the gourd, grab the rice, but suddenly finds he is trapped. He does not know that all he has to do is let go of the rice and he can pull his hand back out. Because he's hungry, however, he holds on to the rice and is unable to pull his fist out. He is trapped, thus making him an easy catch for villagers. Source: http://hummersandcigarettes.blogspot.com/2008/01/todays-philosophy-lesson-monkey-trap.html The story goes that in South India, villagers use a special tactic for capturing small monkeys. The South Indians hollow out a gourd or coconut and place some rice inside of it. They leave a small hole in the gourd big enough that the monkey can put his hand through it. But, when the monkey grabs hold of the rice, his fist is too big to pull back through the hole.
  8. 8. Questions 3 (In-depth Question) REFLECTION? ‘ Find thyself’ (Self-concept) What is ‘Reflection?’ and How it works? Key Sentence Monkey-Trap External (Push) vs. Internal (Pull) Reflection Without ‘reflection’ on an event or an experience, one can not emancipate oneself from a trap. “ When a severe changes are given to a person or organization , this can give a chance to start ‘reflection.’ (Push reflection) However, an individual or an organization can realize the severity and change by ‘deep thinking.’ (Pull reflection) “ Finding thyself” is a key for reflection and change.” Try to investigate “Sensitivity training” practices to promote ‘perception change’ for your research about ‘transformational learning for engineers.’
  9. 9. Questions 4 COMPELLING RESEARCH TOPICS IN HRD Executive coaching Compelling Research Topics in HRD Key Sentence Intuition & Interdisciplinary Study Technology in HRD “ HRD is getting more and more ‘interdisciplinary’ with fusing various disciplines such as management, psychology, neurology, sociology, anthropology etc., which means it requires more ‘intuition’.” (e.g. Babyboomer retirement) “ Especially in HRD practice, the hottest topic is ‘technology for HRD.’ As globalizing and diversifying a society or business, Technology of HRD is highly demanding” “ Another compelling topic in HRD is Executive Coaching. Even though it is overlapped with management study, HRD researchers can give a different perspective or ‘value’ for it.”
  10. 10. Questions 5 DEVELOPING A RESEARCH PROPOSAL Manageable Developing a research proposal Key Sentence Start with “Research topic and questions” Doable “ As already mentioned, good research proposal starts with selecting a compelling research topic and setting up good questions.” “ A researcher should select a research which can be completed in an effective manner. Setup a right research ‘ Scope’ .” “ Before starting a research, think about cost(resource) effectiveness. Literature review can help a researcher to develop an integrative perspective and deep thinking to get manageable research.”
  11. 11. Questions 5 (In-depth Question) RECOMMENDATIONS FOR INTERNATIONAL RESEARCHER IN THE U.S. Recommendation for an international researcher in HRD Key Sentence Find a niche Have your own ‘color’ “ International researcher can and should provide a ‘niche’ value for HRD field.” (e.g. Comparative study) “ Find your own competent field as an international scholar. Having your own ‘color’ which are not able to be easily reproductive make you a more attractive candidate for a job.”
  12. 12. LIMITATIONS Language Limitations Biasness Reliability & Validity I might be biased by my research interests (transformative learning, critical theory and engineering education), cultural and professional background (business & engineering). To increase the reliability and validity of the interview, transcriptions were sent to interviewee and got feedback(Sept. 30). Then, I revised this material. The interview was conducted in Korean. And it might have a limitation of delivering exact meanings in English.
  13. 13. SUMMARY Dr. Lim is researching about ‘international Work ethics and Work-family relationships’. Research Universities provide a good ‘Infrastructure’ and practice research oriented ‘compensation’. To do a quality research, 1) Select a good research topic and setup good research questions, 2) Submerge in a field, and 3) Reflect everyday life. Intuitive and interdisciplinary research, technology for HRD and Executive coaching are emerging in HRD. Keep in mind ‘Doable’ and ‘Manageable’ when you write a research proposal. Find your ‘niche’ and have your ‘color’.
  14. 14. End of Document