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Why JESS3 is the Agency of the Future

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Why JESS3 is the Agency of the Future

  1. 1. Hi.
  2. 2. I head up a company called:
  3. 3. And in the long tradition of agencies...
  4. 4. We are named after our principal: Jesse Thomas.
  5. 5. (we are also partners in crime)
  6. 6. But we like to think we are different.
  7. 7. (and this is important to note because you will either become like us or face us in the marketplace)
  8. 8. How?
  9. 9. We are younger.
  10. 10. (as digital natives, we Internet HARD)
  11. 11. We are hungrier.
  12. 12. (complacency spells opportunity for us)
  13. 13. #FAIL http://www.narrowdesign.com/future/
  14. 14. We are risk takers.
  15. 15. (we are not afraid to self-fund & hack)
  16. 16. Over 200k visits in 2 months Almost 10k downloads 100+ media stories worldwide
  17. 17. Over 1 million combined views Translated into 3 languages Over 400 media stories Thousands of tweets
  18. 18. (we are very agile and implement feedback we receive via social media; views = votes)
  19. 19. We are distributed.
  20. 20. (for design & creativity, we see being wedded to geography often equating to mediocrity)
  21. 21. We are disruptive.
  22. 22. (our business model isn’t your father’s business model)
  23. 23. We build products We have a robust Labs We deliver at 110% We do NOT ship at 80% We are not afraid of contracting “A Players” We master before we sell
  24. 24. We partner. HARD. (yes, as HARD as we Internet)
  25. 25. (look mom, we helped checked-in from space)
  26. 26. http://jess3.com/nasa-foursquare-campaign/
  27. 27. (look Mr. Dubrowa, we helped inspire civic participation)
  28. 28. http://jess3.com/foursquare-i-voted/ http://elections.foursquare.com/
  29. 29. And we’ve made a name for ourselves among giants.
  30. 30. In the last 11 weeks, we’ve launched 15 projects with clients including... Zagat Washington Post NASA Foursquare Conan / Turner Perfect Market Gowalla Saatchi & Saatchi Brian Solis Yahoo! Eloqua Samsung Plixi
  31. 31. In the last 11 months, we’ve secured over 1,200 media hits, including in top outlets such as... http://www.delicious.com/jess3
  32. 32. @Eloqua | @jchernov | @JESS3 | @LeslieBradshaw
  33. 33. Source: @jchernov
  34. 34. Train and empower - don’t limit - employees
  35. 35. Create valuable content, not marketing collateral Go after something you know you’d pay for, then give it away for free Thoughtful, purposeful infographics are a must
  36. 36. One word: REVENUE. One acronym: RPM.
  37. 37. Release “back to back” for maximum impact Humanize with “author’s” name above company’s name Default should be set to “uncaged” Stir the pot by targeting competitors’ “Fans” with Facebook ads Invest in and brand social outposts (e.g., blog, SlideShare, Twitter) 
  38. 38. Stagger distribution Ask observers to suggest improvements Engage in a dialogue wherever comments are made
  39. 39. http://www.eloqua.com/futureofrevenue/
  40. 40. Social media is a good hook, but make sure you have highly relevant bait, too
  41. 41. Sexy, Mesmerizing & Enumerated Results • 20 new staffers became active on twitter • 3 staffers closed their personal blog and began writing for the Eloqua blog • A team of staffers came up with a Facebook promotion – and ran it independently – that resulted in an interview with the WSJ • Staff consistently submits content to all outposts • Every member of the executive team has blogged and initial opponents internally joined forces • 12,000 new visitors to Eloqua’s blog (instantly qualifying the two-month-old blog for the Proteus top B2B blogs list) • 35,000 downloads/views of The Content Grid/Social Media Playbook • 2,600 tweets • 56 blog posts • 11 posts/tweets by AdAge Power150 • 43 percent increase in traffic referred to Eloqua.com from blog • 21 percent increase in demo views (#1 leading indicator for purchase) • 12 percent increase in page views on Eloqua.com • 14 percent decrease in “bounces” from Eloqua.com • Launch of video: Single highest traffic day ever on Eloqua’s website • 500 qualified leads ( the single highest performing campaign of Q3) • more than two thousand people completed the call-to-action and provided use with more profile information • 10% of our “inactive” database re-engaged with Eloqua, more than a dozen leads in active buying cycle at the time of this writing. • JESS3 signs Eloqua for 2011 Retainer FTW!